Government of Yukon

January 8, 2016

Artists funded to tour sculpture, puppetry, film and music performances

WHITEHORSE—Five Yukon artists are sharing $33,005 from the Touring Artist Fund to showcase their work in North America, Europe and Asia.

“The Yukon government is proud to support local artists in their efforts to promote their work and our territory,” Minister of Tourism and Culture Elaine Taylor said. “This unique fund boosts artistic career development and raises awareness of Yukon’s outstanding and diverse creative community among Canadian and international audiences.”

The five projects funded by the September intake of the Touring Artist Fund are:

  • Concert tour of Ireland by musician Gordie Tentrees ($10,000);
  • Puppetry and video performances of Sci-Fi Double Feature in Atlantic Canada by Brian Fidler and the Ramshackle Theatre Company ($9,000);
  • Snow sculpture tour of Canada, the U.S. and Japan by the Yukon Canada International Snow Sculpture Touring Team 2016 ($8,000);
  • Aura Borealis CD concert tour of Germany by Driftwood Holly ($5,000); and
  • Film festival tour of Atlantic Canada by filmmaker Lulu Keating ($1,005)

"I am absolutely thrilled with the support of the Touring Artist Fund to take my production Sci-Fi Double Feature on a three-city tour through Atlantic Canada in the spring of 2016," artistic director Brian Fidler said. "The funding allows me to bring my play to new audiences, gain national exposure for my theatre company and to be a cultural ambassador for Yukon on the Canadian theatre scene."

The Touring Artist Fund fosters literary, visual and performing arts development. Individuals, ensembles and companies can apply for support to present their work publicly at professionally curated national or international exhibitions, concerts, festivals, or other professional venues.

Learn more: Touring Artist Fund



Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Lucie Wright
Communications, Tourism and Culture


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