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January 5, 2016

RCMP and SCAN unit take action against drug trafficking in Whitehorse

WHITEHORSE—The RCMP and Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit carried out coordinated actions on New Year’s Eve to combat criminal and illegal activity being conducted in three Riverdale apartments.

“Coordinated investigations by the SCAN unit and RCMP have led to action being taken against recurring drug-trafficking activities in Whitehorse,” Minister of Justice Brad Cathers said.

The SCAN unit served the tenants and other occupants with eviction notices under the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act. The RCMP seized crack cocaine and other controlled drugs as well as currency. Criminal charges are pending against some of the ten persons arrested in the RCMP’s action.

“During their investigation, SCAN investigators found evidence that apartments were habitually being used to traffic controlled drugs. They provided this information to the RCMP and we built on it with our own investigation,” RCMP inspector Archie Thompson said. “This is a great example of agencies working collaboratively to stop the illegal activities occurring in our communities.”

The SCAN unit initiated the investigation after receiving complaints from concerned citizens. The investigation confirmed frequent and short visits to the apartments at all hours of the day, drugs and money being openly exchanged, and other activities consistent with drug trafficking.

“This successful investigation is a result of information being provided by citizens along with months of diligent work by our investigators,” SCAN director Jeff Ford said. “Yukoners have an important role to play in making our communities safer. In 2015 alone, we investigated 60 complaints from the public about illegal activity on property and took action in 11 cases.”

During the course of the SCAN investigation, bylaw and building fire and safety code violations were also discovered, many of which appeared to call into question the safety of the building and its residents. Whitehorse Bylaw Services and the Whitehorse Fire Department will inspect the apartment building and provide direction for the owner to address the issues.

Individuals with concerns about illegal activities occurring on property in their community can make a confidential complaint by calling 867-456-SCAN (7226) or toll-free at 1-866-530-7226, or by submitting an online complaint form at

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