Government of Yukon

November 20, 2015

Yukon mineral exploration program funding extended

WHITEHORSE— Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Scott Kent announced at the Geoscience Forum that the Yukon government will invest $1.4 million to promote and enhance mineral prospecting and exploration activities in Yukon during the 2016 field season through the Yukon mineral exploration program (YMEP), subject to legislative approval.

“For the 2015/16 year, the $1.4 million program is supporting 62 placer and hard rock exploration projects and is leveraging an estimated $4.2 million in industry investment, clearly showing a significant interest in Yukon’s mineral potential,” Kent said. “The Yukon government is pleased to support individuals and companies that want to explore and develop Yukon’s mineral deposits.”

The Yukon Geological Survey assesses each of the applications based on the quality of the mineral target, completeness of proposal, pertinent budget, suitability of the work plan, favourable development potential and the applicant’s ability to complete the work.

YMEP supports individuals and companies by providing a portion of the capital needed to locate, explore and develop mineral projects to an advanced exploration stage. Applicants apply for funding under one of three modules.

  1. Grassroots – Prospecting: Covers basic operating expenses while searching for new mineral occurrences in Yukon.
  2. Focused – Regional: For basic exploration work directed at exploring and appraising the potential of an under-explored area.
  3. Target Evaluation: Directed at appraising the potential of an under-evaluated occurrence or target.

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Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Sue Thomas
Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources


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