Government of Yukon

November 4, 2015

A statement from the Government of Yukon on the Yukon Court of Appeal’s decision in the Peel regional land use planning appeal

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon has received the Yukon Court of Appeal’s decision in the Peel Watershed land use planning appeal.

The Yukon government will review the court’s decision and consider the implications of today’s judgement. The government’s initial assessment is that we are satisfied with the court’s direction to go back to an earlier stage in the planning process.

Through this appeal, the government sought clarity that the Yukon government retains the authority to make final decisions on public lands. While we are taking time to review the decision, we will continue to work with First Nations on many important initiatives vital to Yukon's social and economic well-being. The Government of Yukon values the Final Agreements and is committed to upholding them.

We remain open to discussing resolutions with First Nations outside of the courts.



Sarah Crane
Communications, Executive Council Office

News Release #15-335