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November 3, 2015

Take Action on Radon campaign begins

WHITEHORSE—November is Radon Action Month and the Government of Yukon is encouraging Yukoners to take action on radon in their homes.

“The Yukon Housing Corporation has been educating Yukoners about radon for many years,” Minister responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation Stacey Hassard said. “As part of our radon education, earlier this year the Yukon government sponsored radon measurement and mitigation training for seven professionals. We encourage homeowners to get in contact with one of these certified professionals to have their home radon levels tested.”

The Yukon Housing Corporation, Department of Health and Social Services, Yukon’s Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Yukon Lung Association, and Health Canada are collaborating to promote radon awareness through the Take Action on Radon campaign, which launched nationally on November 1.

“We are very proud to be part of this important awareness campaign to improve the health of Yukoners,” Minister of Health and Social Services Mike Nixon, said. “Please take the time to visit the Take Action on Radon website to learn about radon, and have your home tested.”

Radon is a naturally occurring gas produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, or water. It can enter a home through any opening where the house contacts the soil. Radon exposure damages lung tissue, and is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Canada.

“It is estimated that a non-smoker exposed to high levels of radon over a lifetime has a one in 20 chance of developing lung cancer,” Yukon’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Catherine Elliott said. “This risk increases to one in three for a person who smokes and is exposed to high levels of radon.”

The amount of radon in a home will depend on several factors including the home’s construction, ventilation and entry points. The best way to determine any radon level in your home is to perform a test.

“This campaign provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of radon in Yukon,” Yukon Lung Association president Doug MacLean said. “To reduce risks related to lung cancer, we encourage Yukoners to have their homes tested and make other lifestyle choices to reduce lung cancer risks, such as not smoking.”

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Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

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Communications, Yukon Housing Corporation

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