Government of Yukon

October 26, 2015

Child care subsidies will increase

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon is enhancing the Child Care Subsidy Program to help families with the cost of licensed child care, Health and Social Services Minister Mike Nixon announced today.

“The Yukon government continues to make significant investments to support Yukon families,” Nixon said. “Increased subsidies will help support quality child care and relieve some of the financial burden on parents and guardians.”

The Yukon Child Care Subsidy is awarded based on family income, family size and geography. The changes mean that eligible families will receive more support and more families will receive full or partial subsidies.

“The updated regulations and increased subsidies will help meet the needs of families who are especially affected by the rising cost of living,” Yukon Child Care Board chair Kathy Hanifan said. “These changes will increase support, in particular to low-income families.”

Adjustments were last made to the subsidy program in 2007. The revised subsidy takes effect on December 1.

Learn more:
Visit Child Care Subsidy or call 667-3492 in the Whitehorse area, or 1-800-661-0408, extension 3492 from the communities.


See backgrounder below.


Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Marcelle Dubé
Communications, Health and Social Services


Yukon Child Care Subsidy

The Yukon Child Care Subsidy was established in the early 1980s to assist Yukon families with the cost of child care. It provides financial help to eligible families whose children attend licensed school age programs, child care centres or family day homes. There is no cap on the number of eligible families.

In recent years, wages in Yukon have increased, resulting in fewer families qualifying for subsidies. At the same time, childcare fees have increased significantly.

We are updating the income test as follows:


The maximum amount a family can receive will be increased by 10 per cent.

Increasing the maximum amount available will be of greatest benefit to lower income families who are currently receiving the maximum subsidy amount.

Currently, a family with one infant can receive a maximum of $625 a month. With the changes to the program that amount will go up to $688.

Currently, a family with two toddlers can receive a maximum of $1130 a month. With the changes that amount will go up to $1244 a month.  

2. The income threshold where a family becomes eligible to receive a subsidy will increase by five per cent. This will make more families eligible for a full subsidy. A greater number of families will be offered a higher level of assistance.

The parental contribution rate will be decreased from 25 to 22 per cent.

Based on their income, some families are entitled to partial child care subsidies. Families who receive a partial subsidy pay part of the cost of child care through the parent contribution rate. The lower a family’s income, the less they contribute to the cost of child care.

By decreasing the parent contribution rate, more families will be eligible to receive partial subsidies. Some families who are currently not eligible for any form of subsidy will now be able to receive assistance.


News Release #15-318