Government of Yukon

October 22, 2015

New Yukon tourism commercials unveiled

WHITEHORSE—The Department of Tourism and Culture unveiled five new television commercials in Whitehorse on Wednesday night at a screening for the cast, crew and stakeholders involved in their development. Tourism industry members will see the commercials Thursday at the Tourism Industry Association of Yukon’s fall round-up event; Yukoners will also have an opportunity to view them during community tours this November.

“This initiative is as much an investment in Yukon people as it is in tourism marketing,” Minister of Tourism and Culture Elaine Taylor said. “In addition to significantly raising awareness of Yukon as a travel destination, Yukon Now is continuing to foster and leverage our incredibly skilled and creative local talent.”

The Yukon Now 2015/16 winter marketing campaign launched on October 12 with the re-broadcast of Yukon’s first winter television commercial. Over the coming year, it and the five new commercials will air on national television, targeting potential visitors from across Canada.

More than 160 Yukoners played a role in the development of the commercials. About 75 per cent of the project’s budget was spent in-territory on wages, equipment rental, accommodation and other expenses.

“These are very exciting times for Yukon tourism,” Yukon Chamber of Commerce chair Rich Thompson said. “The commercials have potential for tremendous impact and benefit to Yukon businesses and to the Yukon economy as a whole.”

The commercials showcase the territory’s heritage and culture, wilderness, wildlife, and iconic drives, and highlight Yukon as both a winter and summer destination.

“The Tourism Industry Association of Yukon is thrilled about these new summer and winter television commercials,” past chair Neil Hartling said. “The investment in marketing Yukon right across the country, and specifically to Canada’s gateway cities, will go a long way in raising awareness and attracting even more visitors to the territory.”

Yukon’s first winter commercial was originally broadcast in February 2015. It aired more than 500 times on 24 different network and specialty channels, to a potential audience of more than 33 million adults.

The Yukon Now marketing program is funded jointly by the Government of Yukon and the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor). Each government invested an additional $1.8 million over two years to Yukon’s tourism marketing budget, representing the single largest tourism marketing initiative in Yukon’s history.



Dan MacDonald
Cabinet Communications

Lucie Wright
Communications, Tourism and Culture

News Release #15-311