Government of Yukon

September 30, 2015

Ministers promoting Yukon’s mineral sector potential

WHITEHORSE—Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Minister Scott Kent, Minister of Economic Development Stacey Hassard and Minister of Environment Wade Istchenko are in Vancouver this week to meet with mineral industry representatives to discuss competitiveness and sustainability.

“It is essential to hear from the mineral sector to ensure we have a regulatory environment that provides clarity and encourages growth,” Kent said. “The Yukon government is taking a long-term, comprehensive view on the key factors affecting mineral development here and is committed to enhancing infrastructure so that our economy can grow.”

The ministers will provide updates on government efforts underway to enhance the investment climate in Yukon. The meetings are also an opportunity for members of the Yukon Mineral Advisory Board to advise the ministers on additional steps government can take to enhance mineral exploration and development in Yukon.

“This is an opportune time to shape the course of exploration and mining in the territory by setting out priorities to strengthen the sector and solidify Yukon’s position as one of the world’s top mining jurisdictions,” Hassard said. “Encouraging more exploration will lead to more investment and development, which in turn will increase employment and business opportunities for Yukoners.”

Spending by exploration companies contributes to the well-being of many Yukon communities. Local businesses supply groceries, fuel and accommodation to exploration companies and also provide engineering, geotechnical, environmental and financial services. The Yukon Geological Survey estimates there was $700 to 750 million in exploration spending from 2010 to 2014, with another $500 million invested in development over the same five-year period.

“Our priority is to continue protecting Yukon’s environment by ensuring mineral resources are developed in a responsible way,” Istchenko added. “Ongoing review with the mining industry is necessary if we are to have a mine licensing system that is timely, clear and effective.”

The meetings take place on September 30 and October 1.



Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Juanita Power
Communications, Economic Development

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Communications, Environment

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Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources

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