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September 22, 2015

Department of Education to review information sharing protocols

WHITEHORSE—The Department of Education is reviewing information sharing arrangements and data collection protocols after being advised this morning by the B.C. Ministry of Education of a potential breach of student information.

Yukon uses British Columbia’s curriculum and Yukon students write B.C. provincial exams. This overlap in curriculum and assessment means that Yukon student information is shared with B.C.

When the B.C. Ministry of Education was reviewing its data on student achievement, it was unable to find one back-up hard drive, which contains student information from 1986 to 2009. Although the majority of this information relates to B.C. students, this potential breach could impact approximately 8000 Yukon students.

Information on the missing drive is primarily course mark files and Yukon exam, distance learning and graduation rate information. This hard drive does not contain financial or banking information, Social Insurance Numbers or driver’s license numbers.

The Department of Education’s next steps in responding to this potential breach of information will include:

• Working with the Government of B.C. to determine the cause of the potential information breach and to identify what safeguards can be put in place.

• Working with the Office of the Yukon Ombudsman and Information and Privacy Commissioner to undertake a risk assessment and determine what additional safeguards could potentially be put in place. The B.C. government will advise the Yukon Department of Education of the findings from a review by the Office of the Chief Information Officer for B.C. and by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for B.C.

• Reviewing information sharing agreements with B.C. to ensure that these agreements have safeguards against this kind of potential breach.

• Implementing the Yukon Department of Education’s Privacy Breach Management Policy, which is standard practice in the event of an unauthorized use or disclosure of personal information.

• Reviewing internal information and data collection systems to prevent this kind of potential breach.

Yukon residents can call collect to Service B.C. at 1-604-660-2421 to find out if their information is affected by this potential breach.

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Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Ronuk Modha
Communications, Education

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