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September 14, 2015

Yukoners reminded to arrange extra health insurance for travel outside the territory

WHITEHORSE—Minister of Health and Social Services Mike Nixon is reminding Yukon residents to purchase extra insurance when they leave Yukon’s borders. The Department of Health and Social Services is launching a new campaign to inform Yukoners that not all of their health-care costs are covered when they travel outside Yukon.

“This campaign is an important one for Yukoners to take note of,” Nixon said. “Many locals don’t realize that when they go outside of Yukon - even places close to home such as Atlin, B.C., or Skagway, Alaska - medevacs and ambulance fees aren’t covered by the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan. We want to inform Yukoners of this so they can purchase additional insurance and be covered in the case of a health emergency.”

The campaign encourages Yukoners to obtain extra insurance to be sure they are covered for ambulance and medevac fees in the event a medical emergency happens outside Yukon. Yukoners are also being reminded to fill out a temporary absence form if they are going to be outside the territory for three months or more.

Newcomers to Yukon are reminded to purchase extra insurance while they await Yukon health care coverage. If an air or ground ambulance is required during the three month coverage transition period neither their home province nor Yukon will cover this cost. No jurisdictions in Canada pay for air medevacs and ambulance transportation outside of the resident’s home province or territory.

“There have been recent examples in the national media of individuals having unexpected medical emergencies outside of their home province or territory and receiving significant invoices,” Nixon added. “Nobody wants to receive a bill in the mail for a medevac flight. This campaign is to help Yukoners prevent this from happening to them.”

The campaign includes online, newspaper, radio ads, posters and a mail insert.

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Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Michelle Boleen
Communications, Health and Social Services

News Release #15-275