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August 28, 2015

Amazing Race contestants return to Yukon to face new challenges

WHITEHORSE—Tourism Yukon and the Wilderness Tourism Association of Yukon have partnered to bring two contestants from the second season of The Amazing Race Canada back to Yukon.

Cormac and Nicole Foster, a mother-son team, were eliminated from the reality television competition during the Yukon episode shot in the summer of 2014. The duo accepted the invitation to return to Yukon to relive some of their experiences and to challenge themselves in the backcountry. They are currently in Yukon.

“The Amazing Race Canada was an excellent opportunity to showcase Yukon and it is a pleasure to welcome Nicole and Cormac back to the territory,” Minister of Tourism and Culture Elaine Taylor said. “Yukon is the perfect backdrop for the epic adventures and endurance challenges this pair crave.”

The mother and son duo are also sharing their experiences from the show through motivational public speaking engagements across the country.

While in Yukon the Fosters toured Kluane National Park, took part in a grizzly bear and glacier tour and explored Whitehorse attractions. Nicole and Cormac also returned to the Whitehorse biathlon range, where they completed the task that contributed to their elimination from the show.

“I am so excited to be back in one of the most beautiful locations in Canada that I've ever seen and I was happy to tackle that biathlon again,” Nicole Foster said.

The Amazing Race Canada Yukon episode drew 3.5 million viewers.

“The raw natural beauty of the landscape truly amazed me when we were lucky enough to visit Yukon. It’s great to be back to continue our adventure,” Cormac Foster said.

Video from their trip will be shared through Tourism Yukon’s social media channels.

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