Government of Yukon

July 28, 2015

Government of Yukon boosts film and sound projects

WHITEHORSE—Eleven creative projects are receiving almost $47,000 in support from the Yukon government’s Film and Sound Commission.

“Yukon might be small, but we have a huge amount of local talent,” Minister of Economic Development Stacey Hassard said. “The Yukon Filmmakers Fund and the Yukon Sound Recording Program assist film and sound professionals in developing projects that foster our cultural industries and diversify Yukon’s economy.”

Three recipients will benefit from the Yukon Filmmakers Fund, and eight sound recording professionals will further their projects with support from the Yukon Sound Recording Program.

“For the last three years my co-producer Simon D'Amours and I have been benefiting from the ongoing support of the Government of Yukon,” filmmaker Traolach Ó Murchú said. “Currently we are shooting our first TV series together in Yukon and this series has received Yukon Film and Sound Commission support during the development and production phases. The Yukon Filmmakers Fund is hugely important to our careers as it allows us to develop our next Yukon TV series that we hope to commence in early 2016.”

The funds awarded will contribute towards the development of films, documentaries, demo and full-length recordings.

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Yukon Film and Sound Commission


See list of recipients below.


Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Samantha Paterson
Communications, Economic Development



Yukon Filmmakers Fund Recipients – June 2015 intake

Traolach Ó Murchú
Awarded - $8,000
Project - Life in the North

John Alderson
Awarded - $6,200
Project - Yukon Backcountry

Martin O’Brien
Awarded - $5,800
Project - A Photo in a Wild Place


Yukon Sound Recording Program Recipients – May 2015 intake

Demo recordings


Calla Paleczny
Awarded - $2,000

Jerome De Pascale
Awarded - $2,000

Sophie Villeneuve
Awarded - $2,000

Rebecca Anderson
*on behalf of Madison Dixon
Awarded - $2,000

Full-length recordings


Stackwall Sound Productions
Awarded - $5,000

Rob Dickson
Awarded - $3,950

535779 Yukon Inc. o/a The Midnight Sons Band
Awarded - $5,000

Raven Loon Productions
Awarded - $5,000


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