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July 21, 2015

Visual, literary and performing artists receive Advanced Artist Award

WHITEHORSE—Eleven established Yukon artists are sharing $75,000 through the Yukon government’s Advanced Artist Award. Projects supported through this fund include arts research, artistic skills development and the creation of new work in a wide range of creative media.

“The support provided to artists through the Advanced Artist Award is important to Yukon government, to the arts community and to Yukon as a whole,” Minister of Tourism and Culture Elaine Taylor said. “The innovative work produced by these artists forms the basis for the wide array of creative cultural activity available that is enjoyed by both locals and visitors in Yukon.”

Filmmaker Dennis Allen will use his $10,000 award to write a screenplay of the original story The Ballad of Sonny Crow, a fictional account of a long-forgotten songwriter whose song falls into the wrong hands.

“I want to thank the Advanced Artist Awards jury and staff for giving me the opportunity to tell this very personal and meaningful story,” Allen said.

Writer Christina Brobby is working on a memoir about her experience finding her birth family entitled Who Do You Think You Are? An award of $5,000 will enable her to continue working with her editor and attend a writing residency to develop the next draft of her manuscript.

“I am thrilled to be a recipient of the Advanced Artist Award; it gives me the means to take my manuscript to the next level,” Brobby said. “Thank you to the jury members for their support and for taking time out of their busy lives to read my application.”

The Advanced Artist Award helps senior-level artists with innovative projects, travel or educational activities that contribute to their personal artistic development and to their community. The award aims to encourage artistic creativity, skills, work and talent.

The award is funded by Lotteries Yukon and is administered by the Department of Tourism and Culture. Submissions are adjudicated by a jury of professional visual, literary and performing artists. There are two intakes each year for Advanced Artist Award applications; the next deadline is October 1.

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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Lucie Wright
Communications, Tourism and Culture


Spring 2015 Advanced Artist Award Recipients



Amount awarded:

Dennis Allen

To write a screenplay from the original story The Ballad of Sonny Crow.


Joseph Tisiga

To create a multidisciplinary collection of paintings, drawings and sculpture responding to the interrelatedness of land and culture as represented by a mini-golf course.


Joanna Lilley

To research and write poems for a book-length manuscript called Endlings elegizing and commemorating extinct animals.


Arlin McFarlane

To develop essential skills as a playwright, move from short to long-form work and polish the play My Brain is Plastic with the aid of a mentor.


Kim Beggs

To learn to chart original songs and develop sound recording production skills.


Brian Fidler

To hold a two week writing workshop to complete a final draft of a new play, Tombstone: A Sci-Fi Western.


Christina Brobby

To edit a complete manuscript of a draft memoir, Who Do You Think You Are?


Lawrie Crawford

To research and develop a large 3D sculpture based on qualitative Yukon-specific social research.


Michel Gignac

To develop a body of sculptures with found and constructed materials exploring the artist's experiences as a hunting guide.


Sarah McHugh

To expand a traditional garment sewing practice by making two extra-large coats (male and female styles) using traditional beaver and sealskin.


Jamie Sharpe

To write a first draft of a poetry manuscript and commence substantive edits to prepare for publishing.





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