Government of Yukon

June 17, 2015

New housing funding programs ready to receive applications

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon is now accepting applications for funding through five new housing initiatives.
“The new programs offer something for both consumers and suppliers of housing, including homeowners, landlords, developers and contractors, working families, tenants and Yukon’s vulnerable populations,” Minister responsible for Yukon Housing Corporation Stacey Hassard said. “These investments are designed to bring broad-based benefits to Yukoners and to complement the work already being done to increase access to housing.”

The new programs include: the Municipal Matching Rental Construction Program; Rental Quality Enhancement Grants; Accessibility Enhancement Grants; Housing Allowances for Families; and an expansion of Yukon Housing Corporation’s Rent Supplement Program. These programs are making use of the last of the Northern Housing Trust funds that were made available to Yukon.

Applications are now available at your local Yukon Housing Corporation office or from the Yukon Housing website. Some of these programs are time-limited so applicants are encouraged to learn which program best meets their needs and to apply early.

Interested Yukoners are encouraged to contact Yukon Housing Corporation to learn more about these new programs.

Learn more:
Call 867-667-5759 or toll free at 1-800-661-0408, extension 5759 or visit the Yukon Housing Corporation


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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Doug Caldwell
Communications, Yukon Housing Corporation


New Affordable Rental Housing Initiatives

Municipal Matching Rental Construction Program: The Yukon government will partner with municipalities in offering one-time capital grant incentives for eligible projects to help increase the supply of rental housing in municipalities. This will match municipal programs that are in place, or will come into place to meet the unique housing priorities in that community. A total of $1 million has been identified for projects in 2015/16 and $2.5 million for projects in 2016/17.

Rental Quality Enhancement Grants: This initiative offers grants to landlords with existing approved rental units, or homeowners who want to create an approved secondary suite. A total of $800,000 will be available for approved projects over two years ($400,000 for 2015/16 and $400,000 for 2016/17).

Accessibility Enhancement Grants: This program offers grants to homeowners and landlords for improving the accessibility of homes and rental units for individuals with physical disabilities. A total of $800,000 will be available for approved projects over two years ($400,000 for 2015/16 and $400,000 for 2016/17).

Rental Housing Allowances for Families: The rental subsidy program aims to help families with children better afford private market rental housing by offering direct rental housing allowances. The program will be targeted to households in core housing need (who pay more than 30 per cent of their income toward shelter costs) and will be income-tested. There is a total of $1 million in new funding over four years (2015-2019).

Rent Supplement Enhancement: This program is for social housing-eligible clients and matches tenants with participating landlords. The program currently exists in Whitehorse and this new money will extend it to all Yukon communities. Under the program, Yukon Housing Corporation pays the median market rent directly to the landlord, and the tenant pays the corporation 25 per cent of their income. There is a total of $1 million in new funding over four years (2015-2019).

News Release #15-208