Government of Yukon

June 2, 2015

A statement by Premier Pasloski on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

WHITEHORSE—This is an important and difficult day for all Canadians as we receive the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The report has taken many years to compile and represents the difficult work on the part of witnesses of revealing deeply personal and painful stories.

As Canadians, it is important that we fully come to terms with the magnitude of the effects that residential schools had upon individual Aboriginal Canadians and upon the Aboriginal community as a whole. There is no question that the schools aimed to erase First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultural and linguistic identity.

The effects were not only devastating to the individual children taken for schooling, but also to their parents and communities. But the effects did not end there. The schools have left deep and profound scarring and their legacy has reverberated through generations.

We are thankful to those survivors – including many Yukoners – who, at risk to their own psychological and spiritual well-being, offered their statements and stories to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I encourage all Yukoners to take the time to understand the commission’s report and to reflect upon its meaning.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

News Release #15-196