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May 27, 2015

Coding boot camp trains future Yukon web developers

WHITEHORSE—Thanks to an innovative partnership between the Government of Yukon and Lighthouse Labs, six Yukoners are logging 70 hours per week of lectures, labs and assignments as they train to enter the information and communication technology sector.

“Web developers are in high demand globally, and Yukon is no exception to that rule,” Minister of Economic Development Stacey Hassard said. “Fostering this kind of talent locally makes good business sense because once they graduate, they can work for companies anywhere in the country or the world without leaving the territory.”

Students are now mid-way through the coding boot camp program – eight weeks of intensive, hands-on learning that began on April 27 and runs to June 19. Coursework consists of a combination of online and classroom learning assisted by live video feeds and a Yukon teacher assistant.

“The Yukon government remains committed to achieving its long-term objective of diversifying the economy through growth in the ICT sector,” Hassard added. “Programs like the coding boot camp have the potential to be important contributors to Yukon’s economic success.”

The program is being delivered in a classroom at Make IT Solutions, a Yukon information technology company focused on designing and building unique information technology products.

“It's an exciting time where education can be delivered remotely in the same capacity in which these students will eventually deliver coding services to the global marketplace,” Lighthouse Labs chief talking officer Jeremy Shaki said. “To be able to learn from industry leaders and obtain actual, job-ready skills without having to leave their community is something that has major implications on the Canadian landscape, and it’s all taking place because of the innovative thinking of the Yukon government.”

With offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, Lighthouse Labs is a modern, immersive teaching facility for web and mobile software development. Its boot camps teach students how to build websites and mobile applications.

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