Government of Yukon

April 9, 2015

Yukon government tables new Pharmacy and Drug Act

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government has tabled Bill 88, the Pharmacy and Drug Act, a step toward modernizing the regulation of pharmacies in Yukon and the first step in the Pharmacy Initiative.

“As a government, we are committed to a more collaborative health community that will support citizens at all levels. This piece of legislation is an important step in building that collaborative care model that is so important to the sustainability of our health care system,” Health and Social Services Minister Mike Nixon said.

The proposed act will regulate the operations and licensing of community pharmacies and rural dispensaries. It will establish professional standards and define roles and responsibilities for pharmacy and rural dispensary owners and managers. Codes of ethics, processes for complaints and discipline, and requirements for proper record keeping are all addressed in the bill. It also supports an expanded scope for pharmacists that will be implemented over time through a new Pharmacist Regulation under the Health Professions Act.

“This initiative represents a significant collaboration with the Yukon health community and addresses the needs of Yukoners throughout the territory,” Minister of Community Services Currie Dixon said. “When this process is complete, Yukoners will have robust and modern pharmacy legislation that will improve their quality of life and support a more collaborative health care model.”

An advisory committee, with members representing Yukon’s health community and the general public, was appointed in April 2014 to identify issues and make recommendations to the government about the regulation of pharmacy professionals and pharmacies and dispensaries. The committee’s input has contributed to the legislation.

The next steps in the Pharmacy Initiative will be the drafting of regulations to govern pharmacists and rural permit holders under the Health Professions Act and regulations to implement the proposed pharmacy and drug act.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Bonnie Venton Ross
Communications, Community Services


News Release #15-119