Government of Yukon

April 8, 2015

Investment model analysis underway for Whitehorse to Juneau fibre optic link

WHITEHORSE—Yukon Diverse Fibre Link (YDFL) project planning is progressing with a new fibre optic line being considered between Whitehorse and Juneau, Alaska. Stantec Architecture Ltd. is providing advice to the Yukon government about development and investment options that would diversify Yukon’s telecommunications network.

“Our goal is to improve infrastructure in Yukon so citizens and businesses can access faster, more affordable and reliable services,” Minister of Economic Development Stacey Hassard said. “We are carefully considering our options so we make the best public investment possible.”

In addition to an investment model analysis, a value for money assessment is underway. A total cost of service study is also in progress to compare the recommended Juneau route with the alternate Dempster Highway fibre route to Inuvik, N.W.T. Detailed project planning for permitting, procurement and construction is also proceeding.

“The diverse fibre project is encouraging for the information and communications technology sector,” Yukon Information Technology and Industry Society executive director Rick Steele said. “This sends a signal that government recognizes the importance of the ICT sector in Yukon’s economy, and the need to invest in broadband infrastructure to reinforce it.”

On March 10, Alaska Power and Telephone (AP&T) announced it would link Juneau to Skagway with an undersea fibre optic cable, citing the potential to connect to Yukon’s network.

Learn more: YDFL Project Investment Delivery Models Summary Report [PDF]



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Jeananne Nicloux
Communications, Economic Development


News Release #15-117