Government of Yukon

March 8, 2015

Energy Mines and Resources statement on release of draft hydraulic fracturing documents

WHITEHORSE— An interdepartmental team led by Energy, Mines and Resources has been working to develop a response to the Select Committee report regarding the risks and benefits of hydraulic fracturing.

The draft recommendations in the response include a range of measures such as conducting further studies, enhanced First Nation and public engagement, collecting and evaluating baseline data, research involving expert panels, and policy and regulatory work; focused on the type of hydraulic fracturing that is of highest interest to the public. The recommendations are the result of analysis of the Select Committee report. The recommendations do not advise on a decision to allow or disallow the practice.

As part of this work, the team was preparing to submit a draft presentation to Caucus and draft speech for the EMR Minister to review and approve. It had not yet been seen or approved by Caucus or the EMR Minister.

The draft speech and presentation, attached in an email to other government departments for their review and feedback was accidentally forwarded to a member of the local media. The reporter was advised by EMR staff of the error and that they were not the intended recipient of the email.

The department of Energy, Mines and Resources regrets the error. The Yukon government acknowledges that this is an important issue for Yukoners and it is moving forward to complete an approved response to the suite of recommendations in the Select Committee’s report.

Attachments: draft speech for EMR Minister  and draft presentation to Caucus , which were the files inadvertently released to the media.


Jesse Devost
Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources



News Release #15-078