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February 27, 2015

Nine Yukon community-enhancing initiatives receive funding

WHITEHORSE—By providing more than $107,000 in funding, the Yukon government’s Community Development Fund (CDF) is supporting nine initiatives across Yukon that are intended to enhance community.

“Strong community roots foster feelings of belonging and these roots sustain economic opportunities in our region,” Minister of Economic Development Stacey Hassard said. “Financial assistance through the CDF ensures that Yukon communities continue to grow and thrive.”

The Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) will use CDF funding to adapt the Yukon Directory of French Services to an interactive web platform for smart phones and tablets. Yukon has the third highest percentage of bilingualism in the country, after Quebec and New Brunswick. The new web platform will display the Yukon government’s Bonjour Yukon logo – which designates the availability of French language services – and will be a valuable tool for French-speaking entrepreneurs, residents, newcomers and visitors.

“Our new website will provide an optimal experience for people who are using laptops, smartphones and tablets when looking for services in French,” AFY executive director Isabelle Salesse said. “The new online directory will also provide greater business opportunities for entrepreneurs that offer service in French.”

The Champagne and Aishihik First Nations (CAFN) will enhance its website to improve communication and facilitate new business and economic opportunities in the region.

“We are happy to be able to modernize our website at to provide better service to our citizens and to share the latest information about our government,” Chief Steve Smith said. “The improvements will help us more effectively connect and interact with our community and partners. We are grateful to the Yukon government for its support.”

Organizations are strongly encouraged to contact Community Development advisors before the next intake deadline – May 15 – for assistance with the development of project ideas and applications.

Visit: Community Development Fund

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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Julie Ménard
Communications, Economic Development


Backgrounder: October 2014 Tier I Community Development Fund Projects


Crestview Community Association – $5,859 – To plan, obtain all required approvals for, construct and install a device to stabilize water levels in a growing beaver pond which threatens a key connection across Crestview Creek (also known as McCauley Creek). This crossing allows trail users access to the Trans Canada Trail, the City trail network as well as local hiking trails. The project will create 40 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Mike Ivens at 867-633-6334

Mental Health Association of Yukon – $2,797 – To support a public event, featuring speaker Dr. Gabor Mate, designed to raise awareness of the linkages between addictions and mental health as well as to raise the profile of the Mental Health Association of Yukon. The project will create eight hours of employment for two people. Contact: Andrea Bailey at 867-334-1648

Yukon College Teslin Campus – $9,929 – To coordinate and host a two-day Business Basics workshop giving potential entrepreneurs the basics of running a business with hands-on opportunities to apply what they learn. The workshop would be complemented with eight hours per participant of follow-up support sessions with Teslin Development Corporation. The project will create 96 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Gord Curran at 867-390-8800

Yukon Conservation Society – $11,500 – An evening to celebrate individuals in the community who have invested in actions to reduce their energy use. The event is designed to inspire others to follow suit by presenting: informative videos that describe and showcase energy solutions; a question-and-answer period with solution-based practitioners; and how-to sheets to help people implement further energy solutions in our community. Contact: Anne Middler at 867-668-5678

Yukon Women’s Transition Home Society – $7,145 – This project considers violence, resistance and language in the justice system by offering two seminars to local lawyers and judges. One is on response-based practice and the other on the Court Watch Yukon program findings. This project will create 56 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Collyn Lovelace at 867-633-7729 or Barbara McInerney at 867-633-7722

Association franco-yukonnaise – $16,788 – To develop an interactive web platform adapted for smart phones and tablets of the Yukon Directory of Services in French in order to meet the needs of French speaking entrepreneurs, residents, newcomers and visitors. The project will create 150 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Nancy Power at 867-668-2663 ext. 332

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations (CAFN) – $20,000 – CAFN will rebuild its existing website, creating a user-friendly, social media-compatible website allowing more partners, citizens and public to visit and utilize the site. The intention is to improve communication and participation as well as to facilitate new business and economic opportunities in the region. The project will create 210 hours of employment for five people. Contact: Amy McKinnon at 867-634-4237

Les EssentiElles – $13,628 – With its 20th anniversary approaching, Les EssentiElles will develop a three-year strategic communications plan to strengthen its image and its effectiveness in implementing the recommendations from an April 2014 public consultation. This project will create 328 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Maryne Dumaine at 867- 668-2636

Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation – $19,992 – For the artifact identification project, three Elders will travel to Ottawa to review and authenticate Northern Tutchone artifacts in the national collections. They will then bring copies home and share the stories that lie at the heart of those artifacts, strengthening connection to the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation culture. The project will create 264 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Shirley Bellmore at 867-863-5576

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