Government of Yukon

February 27, 2015

Professional Development Fund to aid the efforts of two Whitehorse organizations

WHITEHORSE—Yukon’s children and youth will benefit from funding provided through Health and Social Services’ Professional Development Fund (PDF). Minister of Health and Social Services Mike Nixon announced today that the Child Development Centre and the Whitehorse Boys and Girls Club will be awarded PDF funding.

“The project proposals submitted by these groups meet the professional development funding goals of building capacity within Yukon while supporting and assisting some of our more vulnerable citizens, children and youth,” Nixon said.

The Child Development Centre (CDC) is being awarded $10,000 to help train 20 participants at a locally held workshop. The play-based workshops will help participants advance their knowledge and skills in working with vulnerable children and families while nurturing strong parent-child connections.

The $4,208 awarded to the Whitehorse Boys and Girls Club will enable three staff members to travel to Saskatoon to attend a three-day training workshop. The training focuses on: nutrition; strengthening children’s mental health; understanding youth substance abuse; creating respectful, inclusive and engaging environments; and harm reduction. The intent is for the three staff to provide in-house training services to local staff and community partners.

“We all want our young people to grow up healthy and happy. The skills that the Boys and Girls Club staff will share will help our young people on their journey to adulthood,” Nixon added.

Since 1999, the Professional Development Fund has supported people and non-governmental organizations to actively deliver health and social services in Yukon.

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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Pat Living
Communications, Health and Social Services

News Release #15-067