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January 14, 2015

Three community groups receive Crime Prevention & Victim Services funding

WHITEHORSE—The Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund awarded $30,684 to support projects intended to prevent crime as well as those that would provide services and support to Yukon victims.

“These grassroots projects are important initiatives in crime prevention and victim support,” Minister of Justice Mike Nixon said. “Community groups continue to find creative ways to contribute to the safety and well-being of Yukon communities.”

This funding cycle’s recipients include: Town of Faro; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society of Yukon (FASSY); and Ynklude Art Society.

“FASSY has been delivering a lunch program in partnership with both Challenge Community Vocational Alternatives and the United Way for over three years. The program has proven so successful that demand has started to exceed our capacity,” FASSY executive director Michael McCann said. “The generous funding received from the Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund will ensure that those who rely on this program will continue to receive its benefits.”

The Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund is awarded twice a year for eligible projects that are intended to: reduce crime; prevent violence against women and children; address the root causes of crime; provide services and information to victims of crime; or provide information about crime prevention and victimization.

The fund has supported Yukon community groups since 1998. Proposals are reviewed by the Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund Board of Trustees. Board members include community members and representatives from the Yukon government, First Nations, women’s organizations and the RCMP.

The next application deadline is 4:30 p.m. on February 15.

Learn more: Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund


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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Tyler Plaunt
Communications, Justice


Backgrounder – Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund funding recipients

Town of Faro – $2,738 for Family Dinner Nights and training. This project will bring the community together for family dinners once a month during the winter to increase community pride and safety. Funding will also be used to provide skills training for a recreation worker who runs programs for youth. Contact: Rose Fulton, 994-2728 ext 5;

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society Yukon (FASSY) – $3,666 for their Community Lunch Program. This project provides men and women with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) nutritious meals in a location that encourages social inclusion. Many of FASSY’s clients have been in contact with the justice system and these lunches help this at-risk group meet their nutritional needs. Helping clients with their day-to-day living needs lowers the risk of offending behavior or victimization. Contact: Michael McCann, 398-4948;

Ynklude Art Society – $24,280 for the Heart Will Speak. This project will educate the public through film and song about the impacts of bullying persons with disabilities. Six presentations to Whitehorse schools and one public presentation will expose and address exploitation, victimization and exclusion of persons with disabilities and how these actions affect their families. Contact: Julie Robinson, 336-1330;


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