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January 13, 2015

Four Yukon organizations receive funding for projects that support victims of crime

WHITEHORSE—The Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund awarded $55,860 to support the innovative projects of four community organizations intended to prevent crime and support victims.

“Funding has been provided to community-driven projects that are building awareness of how we can support those that may be vulnerable to crime or have been victims of crime,” Minister of Justice Mike Nixon said. “These projects intend to connect service providers as well as to educate Yukoners in ways that create safer communities.”

Funding has been provided to Kona's Coalition, Yukon Circle of Change, Yukon Public Legal Education Association (YPLEA) and Yukon Women's Transition Home Society.

“This support allows us to further our work in increasing public awareness of recognizing and preventing the abuse of older adults,” YPLEA vice-chair Jeff Sunstum said. “Workshops will be offered to participants from rural communities and Whitehorse to teach someone who witnesses but is not involved can support and intervene when older adults may be experiencing abuse.”

The Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund awards funding twice a year for eligible projects intended to: reduce crime; prevent violence against women and children; address the root causes of crime; provide services and information to victims of crime; or provide information about crime prevention and victimization.

Proposals are reviewed by the Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund Board of Trustees. Board members include community members and representatives from the Yukon government, First Nations, women’s organizations and RCMP.

The fund has supported Yukon community groups since 1998. Financing comes from a variety of sources including proceeds from the Klondike Visitors Association slot machine agreement, victim fine surcharges, Criminal Code fines, seized proceeds of crime and donations.

The next funding application deadline is February 15.

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Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund


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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Tyler Plaunt
Communications, Justice



Yukon Circle of Change – $10,000 for Restorative Community Conferences Project. This project will promote healing after crime by encouraging conferences between offenders, victims and community members. Yukon Circle of Change will coordinate conferencing with trained facilitators at no cost to community organizations or families in Whitehorse. Restorative community conferencing encourages offenders to be responsible and accountable for their crime and to repair the harm caused to victims and the community.
Contact: Christine Klaassen-St-Pierre, 333-9936,

Yukon Public Legal Education Association – $27,000 for It’s Not Right. This project is aimed to educate and engage bystanders to stop abuse of older adults. Workshops and information sessions in Whitehorse and in the communities will teach neighbours, friends and family members to recognize warning signs and provide help in a safe and respectful way.
Contact: Lillian Nakamura Maguire, 393-2044,

Yukon Women's Transition Home Society – $22,860 for Whitehorse Safety Protocol communications campaign. This project will inform the public and social service providers about the Whitehorse Safety Protocol. In order to improve services for women, the Whitehorse Safety Protocol has been developed to build better, responsive relationships between RCMP and service providers. The project will also create a third party reporting program: an opportunity for victims of sexualized offences to report the offence anonymously.
Contact: Barbara McInerney, 633-7722,

Kona's Coalition – $5,000 for Safe Haven for Pets. This project aims to provide persons fleeing domestic violence with a safe place for their pets. Most transitional homes and shelters do not allow pets, which may deter someone from leaving an unsafe situation. Funding will be used to: develop a network of transporters and safe houses; create screening and monitoring processes for pet-fostering homes; and produce training manuals.
Contact: Jordi Mikeli-Jones, 334-4224,

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