Government of Yukon

December 16, 2014

New fall/winter experiential education program at Yukon Wildlife Preserve

WHITEHORSE—Funding from the Yukon government has made possible the first fall/winter experiential education program at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

“Experiential learning is a key component of Yukon education,” Minister of Education Elaine Taylor said. “This new fall/winter program is helping students gain an appreciation of Yukon’s unique natural and cultural heritage and our wildlife’s ability to adapt to our region’s cold climate and rugged environment.”

The funding agreement between the Department of Education and the Yukon Wildlife Preserve enables the preserve to offer the following new and updated programs to students in:

• kindergarten through grade one, Animal Explorations;
• grade two, Surviving Winter;
• grade seven, Caribou in Yukon; and
• grade nine, Sexual Reproduction.

The programs are based on Yukon curriculum and are designed to meet the prescribed learning outcomes for each of the subject areas.

The fall/winter program is making use of the dedicated $250,000 learning space (funded through the Yukon government’s Community Development Fund) located at the preserve, ensuring that classes engage with Yukon’s unique winter ecology and wildlife comfortably and safely. The program complements a spring season program already in place at the preserve.

“Winter wildlife has never been this accessible for Yukon students,” Yukon Wildlife Preserve executive director Greg Meredith said.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Amanda Couch
Communications, Education

News Release #14-291