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November 18, 2014

Notable site in Whitehorse receives Yukon Historic Site Designation

WHITEHORSE—The Old Log Church and Rectory are now officially designated as a Yukon Historic Site, Minister of Tourism and Culture Mike Nixon announced today.

“The Yukon government is proud to have worked with the Yukon Church Heritage Society and the Old Log Church Museum to officially designate the church and rectory as the ninth Yukon Historic Site,” Nixon said. “The Old Log Church and Rectory are important Whitehorse landmarks and are strongly associated with many historically key people and events in Yukon.”

The church and rectory, located on the corner of Elliott Street and Third Avenue, were built in 1900 and 1901 respectively and are among the oldest structures still standing in Whitehorse. Rev. R.J. Bowen designed and built the church in less than two months.

Used for services up until 1960, the church reopened as a museum in 1962 and renamed the Old Log Church.

“On behalf of the Yukon Church Heritage Society and The Diocese of Yukon we are honoured to receive the designation,” president of the Yukon Church Heritage Society Linda Thistle said. “The designation not only recognizes the historical importance of the buildings and what they represent but also ensures their continued recognition and existence for the future.”

The site is now legally designated under the Historic Resources Act. The City of Whitehorse has also designated the Old Log Church and Rectory as Municipal Historic Sites.

“The buildings are historically and culturally significant to the development of Whitehorse, and are one of the city’s most popular visitor attractions,” Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis said.

A formal ceremony recognizing the designation will be announced at a later date.

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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Stefanie Richardson
Communications, Tourism and Culture

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