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November 3, 2014

A Guide to Home Heating Oil Tanks is now available

WHITEHORSE—A new publication on the correct installation and maintenance of home fuel oil tanks is now available to inform homeowners how to avoid the potential dangers and costs of leaking fuel tanks.

The oil tank handbook was developed by the Yukon Housing Corporation and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada for property owners with a fuel oil tank including home owners, commercial operators, landlords, First Nation communities and business owners.

“Leaking fuel oil tanks can be a significant and costly problem for property owners and the environment,” Minister responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation Brad Cathers said. “This new booklet is designed to assist property owners to make sure their fuel tanks are installed according to code in order to minimize the opportunity for fuel oil leaks and the subsequent damage to the environment.”

Property owners are also reminded that if they have underground fuel oil tanks on their property, these pose a fire and explosion hazard under certain conditions and may be prone to leaks. These tanks should be removed or stabilized in accordance with local regulations.

“A key message in this publication is, ‘If you don’t know—call a professional’,” Cathers added. “To this end, we have asked professional Yukon-based home heating firms and fuel companies to distribute this publication to their customers. Understand your role as a homeowner, what you need to do to safeguard your home and include your fuel tank in your annual home heating system inspection.”

A Guide to Home Heating Oil Tanks booklet is available through Yukon-based furnace repair firms and heating contractors, fuel oil delivery companies, Yukon Housing Corporation offices, the Yukon Fire Marshal’s office, Building Safety offices and City of Whitehorse Bylaw office. First Nations governments also have copies of the guide for distribution.

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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Doug Caldwell
Yukon Housing Corporation

Marie-Louise Boylan
Communications, Yukon Region
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

News Release #14-248