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October 27, 2014

Competition tests the skills of community emergency medical responders

WHITEHORSE—Community-based emergency medical responders rose to the challenge as they competed in the annual Yukon Emergency Medical Services’ (EMS) skills competition on the weekend.

“Yukon rural emergency medical responders exhibited their outstanding dedication to their communities this weekend during their annual skills contest, when they showcased their strengths at delivering pre-hospital emergency medical care in demanding circumstances,” Minister of Community Services Brad Cathers said.

Teams of community participants were presented with realistic and vivid scenarios simulating both common and complex emergency response situations. Teams were scored according to their ability to assess the scene, provide appropriate emergency medical care and, where required, to prepare patients for transport while keeping themselves and others safe.

The 2014 Emergency Medical Services Annual Skills Competition award winners are:

  • Ted Baker and Joshua Wilcox (Faro), first place;
  • Tim Colwell (Ross River) and Cortland Flumerfelt (Destruction Bay), second place; and,
  • Eileen O’Hara and Lucy Driscoll (Marsh Lake), third place.

“Yukon EMS responders across the territory play a vital role in getting Yukoners who are experiencing medical distress the help they need,” Cathers added. “Volunteers are the backbone of emergency response services in rural Yukon, providing a very important service to their communities and to all Yukoners.”

Community EMS volunteers were presented with achievement awards at the skills banquet:

  • Derek Baker (Teslin), the Excellence in EMS Award;
  • Val Suddick (Beaver Creek), the Bea Felker Award for leadership excellence by volunteer supervisors;
  • Carcross EMS crew, the Bruce Harder Memorial Award for selfless service and teamwork by EMS volunteers;
  • Carmacks EMS crew, the Beyond the Call of Duty Award; and
  • Dan Robinson (Beaver Creek), the Excellence in EMS Education Award.

EMS is responsible for providing emergency transportation and pre-hospital treatment of sick and injured people to the nearest health care facility capable of delivering the medical attention required. EMS ground and air ambulance services in communities are provided by a team of full-time responders, critical care nurses and a dedicated core of volunteers.

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The Excellence in EMS Award is presented to a community EMS attendant who does his/ her job very well, is a skilled attendant, has great bedside manner, mentors others (often by example), is an unsung hero and is a model EMS attendant.

The Bea Felker Award is presented to a supervisor who exhibits leadership, is respected by the crew, leads by example and exemplifies Bea on the job: is punctual; ensures forms are submitted on time; is dedicated to promoting education; takes the time to teach; and is an overall role model.

The Bruce Harder Memorial Award is awarded to the attendant or crew that: works well together; has great attitude and team spirit; is selfless and without ego; is caring; believes in and exhibits great teamwork and leadership; and is committed to their community.

The Beyond the Call of Duty Award is a rare award that is often applied to a specific situation. This award is presented to a community EMS attendant (or crew) who performed well when in a tough spot, beyond what was required, while doing the job safely. This attendant (or crew) performs unpleasant jobs—usually tasks that are not in the job description—without complaining and does them well. This award also applies to exhibiting community spirit.

The Excellence in EMS Education Award is presented to an EMS member for receiving or giving education. A member may be selected for this award for: receiving education; intending always to be of utmost service; sacrificing their time for the good of the community; for a commitment to improving their competence; for providing education by giving education and giving of their time while enjoying being a knowledgeable teacher committed to training others.

The Annual Skills Competition, first, second and third place awards are presented to the event winners. The first place team also receives the Neale Wortley Cup.

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