Government of Yukon

October 14, 2014

Yukon government and Yukon College announce first made-in-Yukon degree program

WHITEHORSE—Yukon College is developing its first made-in-Yukon degree and post-degree certificate. Beginning in 2017, the college will offer a three-year Bachelor of Policy Studies in Indigenous Governance and a one-year postgraduate certificate in Climate Change and Public Policy.

“Today we are pleased to mark a major milestone in the North by announcing the first degree and post-degree certificate offered by Yukon College,” Minister of Education Elaine Taylor said. “By enabling more Yukon students to remain at home and continue their education, and by creating niche programs that attract more students from around the world, these advancements will develop and retain knowledge in the North, as well as bring new dollars to the territory.”

The college currently co-delivers three degrees through partnerships with the University of Regina and the University of Alberta. The degrees are Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences, Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Education. In 2014, 22 students graduated with these partner degrees.

”Leading with our strengths, our first degree and post-degree certificate programs will focus on subject areas that are unique to Yukon. In building these two made-in-Yukon programs, we will call upon the expertise of Yukon’s First Nations, as well as over 10 years of experience within Yukon College’s Northern Climate Exchange, housed within the Yukon Research Centre,” Yukon College Board of Governors Chair Paul Flaherty said.

Since 2011, the college has been exploring the development of a unique post-secondary model for the territory that will serve the North for generations to come. This initiative—in the college’s 2013-2016 strategic plan—is to design a future focused, post-secondary learning model inspired by Yukon’s unique culture, economy and environment.

“The Government of Yukon is pleased to work together with the College on a phased-in approach towards the evolution of a northern university,” Taylor added. “The creation of these programs at the college represents an important step along that pathway. We are proud of the collaborative work accomplished so far by the college board, management, faculty, and staff toward this shared goal.”

Other speakers at the announcement included Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Ruth Massie, Yukon College representatives Dr. Karen Barnes, Dr. Deb Bartlette, Tosh Southwick and Vancouver Island University president Ralph Nilson.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Amanda Couch
Communications, Education

Michael Vernon
Communications, Yukon College

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