Government of Yukon

October 8, 2014

Study indicates Yukon could position itself as advantaged site

WHITEHORSE—With the proper investment in infrastructure, a recently commissioned Government of Yukon study indicates that Yukon is well suited as a data centre location.

“According to The Market Analysis for the Development of a Data Centre, Yukon’s unique climatic characteristics make the viability of a local data centre not only reasonable, but economically sound,” Economic Development Minister Currie Dixon said. “This further supports the Government of Yukon’s position that the Information and Communications Technology sector has excellent potential as an important contributor to the diversification of Yukon’s economy.”

A data centre is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications connections and environmental controls to ensure equipment operates at all times within acceptable temperature and humidity conditions.

“The findings in this analysis are good news because the obstacles identified by the consultant are already in the first stages of being mitigated,” Dixon added. “The Yukon government is currently in the process of exploring investment models to move the diverse fibre project forward and has both short- and long-term plans to meet Yukon’s energy needs.”

The study’s author, WCM Consulting Inc., specified there are two major infrastructure impediments which impact Yukon’s feasibility as an optimal location for a data centre. These are the lack of a redundant fibre optic link to ensure access to a sufficiently capable data pipeline, and the assured supply of electricity. The analysis was commissioned by the Department of Economic Development and was completed July 7, at a cost of just under $20,000.

“This is one of those quite rare situations where the unique characteristics of a particular location can provide a very strong advantage and where all other factors are either acceptable, or can be made so,” WCM Consulting Inc. Principal George Schrijver stated.

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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Shay Kokiw
Communications, Economic Development


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