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September 19, 2014

Outstanding public servants recognized with Premier’s Award of Excellence

WHITEHORSE—Premier Darrell Pasloski presented four teams and three individuals with the 2014 Premier’s Award of Excellence today in Whitehorse.

“It is always a great honour for me to be able to recognize the outstanding leadership and service of Yukon government public servants,” Premier Darrell Pasloski said. “The awards are an opportunity to celebrate the innovation, hard work and dedication of individuals and teams who have contributed to improving government and improving the lives of Yukoners.”

The individual recipients are Shauna Demers, Penny Gilson and Carolyne Thompson. The team recipients are employees from the Community Development Team, Cultural Services Branch, Sharing Common Ground Implementation team and the Youth High Risk Treatment Program, Youth Justice.

The Premier’s Award of Excellence was established in 2005 to recognize exceptional accomplishments of Yukon government employees and celebrates their talent and teamwork.

The recipients are chosen by the Premier’s Award of Excellence Selection Committee which includes Yukon government employees from several departments and one community representative.

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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Nigel Allan
Communications, Public Service Commission

2014 Premier’s Award of Excellence recipients

2014 Individual Recipients

Shauna Demers, Health and Social Services 
Shauna is a trusted leader who was nominated for her dedication to achieving a high standard of public service. Although Shauna’s work is done behind the scenes, her realm of responsibility affects all Yukoners. Her skills at diplomacy and ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems have resulted in long-term agreements with service providers, better access to medical services both inside and outside of Yukon, and more and better access to health care professionals for Yukoners.

Penny Gilson, Health and Social Services
Penny worked in the Continuing Care Division of the Department of Health and Social Services for 26 years. Throughout her career, Penny taught and mentored dozens of nursing and support staff, and has been described by her nominators as the “go-to” person for most of Continuing Care’s 400-plus employees. She was a dedicated and highly motivated public servant who regularly went out of her way to support both clients and co-workers.

Carolyne Thompson, Executive Council Office
Carolyne is passionate about public service and has used her enthusiasm, exceptional skills and creativity to achieve success throughout her career. Her willingness to seek out new, better ways of doing things, and her drive to see projects through to completion, have resulted in the implementation of more effective records management processes across government. Carolyne’s tenacious spirit and passion for her profession has made her an effective mentor and leader, and a respected public servant.

2014 Small Team Recipients

Community Development Team

This diverse group of talented individuals worked together across departments to gain the support and trust of the citizens of Faro as they helped them develop a strategic plan for the future of their town. Their unprecedented work provides a successful model for public consultation and demonstrates the benefits of strong community involvement and collaboration in the development of policies and projects.

Members of this team include:
    Shane Andre Stephen Mead 
    Jack Bowers Dwayne Muckosky 
    Marie Cairns Steve Smith 
    Pierre Germain Lynn Standing 
    Ryan Hennessey

Cultural Services Branch, Department of Tourism and Culture

This team of professionals went outside their comfort zone to learn and develop new skills and acted as teachers and collaborators as they passed on practical training and transferable skills to First Nations people, especially young people. Their work on the Heritage and Culture Capacity Development Initiative was innovative and required some risk to successfully bring it to fruition. From their work on this initiative, an accredited certificate program was developed and they have left a legacy that will benefit all Yukoners.

Members of this team include:

    Doug Bishop                         Rebecca Jansen 
    Ian Burnett                            Valery Monahan 
    Ruth Gotthardt                      Cathy Ritchie 
    Brian Groves                         Christian Thomas 
    Greg Hare                             Grant Zazula 
    Barbara Hogan

Sharing Common Ground Implementation

Through their leadership and collaborative efforts, this team helped to bring different stakeholders together to find common ground on important issues of social justice. Their work with the RCMP, Council of Yukon First Nations, the Yukon Women’s Coalition, the Northern Institute of Social Justice and other groups contributed to the design and construction of the arrest processing unit and the creation and implementation of the Yukon Police Council, which is a unique model for incorporating community input into RCMP-led policing.

Members of this team include:

    Norma Davignon 
    Jeff Ford 
    Claire Mechan 
    Robert Riches 
    Lareina Twardochleb

Yukon High Risk Treatment Program, Youth Justice

This small but highly effective team has gone above and beyond in their efforts to provide exemplary and individual service to their clients. They have built strong relationships with their clients and work in an area that is highly sensitive and confidential. With a team of just two people they are making a big difference and their work rivals that in larger jurisdictions.

Members of this team include:

    Meghan Callan 
    Cathy Deacon

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