Government of Yukon

August 20, 2014

Permit regime under Environment Act updated

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government has passed a new regulation that will improve the permitting system under the Environment Act.

The new Permit Term, Fee and Technical Review Amendment Regulation eliminates application fees for permits required under the Environment Act, and extends the maximum permit duration from three years to up to 10 years. The new regulation also formalizes the current practice of recovering costs of technical assessments from proponents.

“These amendments create a simplified and responsive permitting system that is more flexible for our clients but also encourages compliance,” Minister of Environment Currie Dixon said. “The previous maximum duration of three years created a significant administrative burden for both proponents and government.”

A public review conducted in 2013 found widespread support for these changes. Yukon municipalities have previously expressed concern with the arbitrary three year maximum duration for Environment Act permits. Extending permit durations will not affect current application requirements, but will mean savings in time and resources for clients.

The various application fees that were previously charged to clients were nominal, inconsistent and did not cover the cost associated with processing permit applications.

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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Nancy Campbell
Communications, Environment

News Release #14-191