Government of Yukon

August 20, 2014

Fund supports artists in showcasing their talents beyond Yukon borders

WHITEHORSE—Five recipients are sharing $29,950 through the Touring Artist Fund, allowing them to tour nationally and internationally as well as to show their work to a wider audience.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our artists to connect with fellow artists and a wider audience in a variety of venues,” Minister of Tourism and Culture Mike Nixon said. “With this intake, the Touring Artist Fund supports Yukon artists in their desire to share blues music, rock n’ roll, and traditional and contemporary First Nation fashion with the rest of Canada and the world.”

The band Speed Control, featuring Graeme Peters, Jody Peters and Ian March, is receiving $10,000 toward their 2014 fall tour. The tour venues include schools, clubs, community stages, performing arts centres and festivals in Nunavut, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“Our tour will take us across the country to Atlantic Canada and north to Nunavut, and to a range of communities and venues with audiences of all ages,” Speed Control band leader Graeme Peters said. “This tour includes performances with a special focus on youth in the hope that they will be inspired to pursue their own interest in music.”

The Touring Artist Fund supports literary, visual and performing artists, ensembles and companies to present their work at professionally curated exhibitions, concerts, festivals or showcases. There are four application deadlines: March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15.

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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Heather LeDuc
Communications, Tourism and Communications

Touring Artist Fund Recipients - June 2014



Amount Funded

Speed Control

Performance tour to Nunavut, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Atlantic Canada.


Brandon Isaak

Performances at 2014 Nanjing International Jazz Festival.


The Naysayers

Performing at Peterborough Folk Festival (ON), and Sappyfest (Sackville, NS) and other points east in Quebec and the Maritimes.


Brenda Lee Asp

Exhibiting original fashion designs at 2014 National Aboriginal Fashion Week in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Sarah McHugh

Presenting artwork and hosting workshop at Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik July 11-20, 2014.




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