Government of Yukon

July 28, 2014

Significant step taken towards implementing Territory-wide 911 services

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon has submitted an application to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), a significant step in the process of expanding 911 service to all Yukon communities.

The application seeks approval for an auto-select solution, which allows callers in communities to dial 911 from their landline or cell phone and then press “1” to call police, “2” to call an ambulance and “3” for the fire department. This will not affect customers in the current 911 service area, who will continue to receive the same service they do now.

“The filing of this application with the CRTC is an important step towards improving the territory’s emergency response capabilities,” Minister of Community Services Brad Cathers said. “We hope to see this application approved, and are pleased to be working together with partners including municipalities, the Association of Yukon Fire Chiefs, the RCMP and Northwestel in determining the next actions related to expanding 911 services to all Yukon communities.”

Northwestel—the telecommunications system operator in Yukon—will apply to the CRTC for approval to establish and operate the proposed system.

“Northwestel is excited to play a part in delivering territory-wide access to 911 services in Yukon," president and CEO of Northwestel Paul Flaherty said. "As Yukon's leading telecommunications provider, we're pleased to contribute the technical solutions required to further connect the territory.”

The application also notifies the CRTC of the plan for a territory-wide basic 911 service. There is work required before that can be implemented, which includes system upgrades by Northwestel and further discussions between the government and stakeholders.

“Establishment of 911 service across Yukon has been a priority of municipal and local governments for many years, and the Association of Yukon Communities is pleased to see this initiative go forward,” Wayne Potoroka, president of the Association of Yukon Communities said.

President of the Association of Yukon Fire Chiefs Jim Regimbal added: “The Association of Yukon Fire Chiefs (AYFC) is extremely pleased that the Yukon government has committed to the establishment of a fully functional Yukon-wide 911 system within two years. We understand that an interim measure is being proposed and we also support this temporary initiative. The AYFC is willing to serve in any capacity necessary to see this life-saving service implemented as soon as possible.”



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