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July 22, 2014

Development fund supports 15 community initiatives

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government awarded over $206,000 to 15 community organizations for the improvement of facilities and equipment, the hosting of conferences and forums, or for infrastructure development.

“From Watson Lake to Old Crow, residents are benefitting from projects made possible through the Community Development Fund,” Minister of Economic Development Currie Dixon said. “Investments in facilities and events help to ensure that Yukon communities continue to enjoy a quality of life that is second to none.”

Included among the recipients is the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation who used the funding to construct a performance and gathering space, including bleachers and a stage. The structure is being used to host the July 2014 Biennial Gwitch’in Gathering in Old Crow.

"We are very proud to host the Biennial Gwitch’in Gathering and are looking forward to reuniting with our family, relatives and friends from the Gwitch’in Nation in Alaska, Yukon and the Northwest Territories,” Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation project coordinator Lorraine Netro said. “We are very excited to use our newly built area as it is the perfect gathering venue for our business meetings, fashion show featuring beaded artwork and Gwitch’in musicians. This project will benefit the community for years to come."

Another recipient, the Humane Society Yukon will construct a fence behind the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter to provide a larger, safer, outdoor area and a healthier environment for the animals in its care.

“We are grateful to the Community Development Fund for being able to implement this important project,” Humane Society Yukon president Linda Priestley said. “These designated play areas and separate kennel spaces will relieve overcrowding. The animals will benefit from adequate fresh air, exercise and lower stress levels; shelter staff will be able to effectively prevent the spread of disease.”

Through these projects, the Community Development Fund will provide over 1,952 hours of employment to about 57 people.

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Cabinet Communications
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Economic Development, Communications


Backgrounder: May 2014 Tier I Community Development Fund Projects

Alpine Ski Association Yukon
– $6,245 to support recreational and competitive ski programming in Yukon by acquiring key equipment and developing supporting infrastructure. Contact: Darell Orban at 867-633-6099.

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations – $9,116 to purchase, deliver and install a Motorized Projection Screen for the Da Ku Cultural Centre Grand Hall. The project will create 45 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Diane Strand at 867-634-3300.

Council of Northern Economic Developers – $19,500 to deliver the Economic Development Conference, Success and Lessons Learned, September 2014 in Dawson City. The project will create 184 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Norman Eady at 867-633-5868.

Council of Yukon First Nations – $14,672 to host a two-day training session to 20 front line education support workers whose job function is to assist First Nation students achieve educational success. The project will create 72 hours of employment for seven people. Contact: Jennifer Wykes at 867-383-9200 ext. 239.

Freedom Trails Therapeutic Riding Association – $14,022 to provide shelter for older therapy horses, install a new paddock and purchase a specialized wheelchair cart. The project will create 157 hours of employment for six people. Contact: Judy Fortin at 867-633-5911.

Grey Mountain Housing Society - $13,320 to prepare a business plan that will aid in the acquisition of mortgage funding for a multi-unit complex that will address the lack of affordable rental units for single persons in Whitehorse. The project will create 112 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Heather Saggers at 867-633-4880.

Humane Society Dawson – $2,200 to install a fence that will enable a new section to be added to the yard. This project will create 40 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Katie Pearse at 867-993-6163.

Humane Society Yukon – $20,000 to provide additional safety and a healthier environment for animals by adding fencing along ten lots behind the shelter. The project will create 160 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Linda Priestly at 867-667-7288.

Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society - $16,648 to co-host a forum with the Yukon Advisory Council on Women's Issues on the topic of community lateral violence based on Aboriginal resistance to violence and racism. The project will create 12 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Travis Stewart at 867-536-2097.

Sacred Heart Parish - $17,000 to improve the functionality and cleanliness of the CYO Hall by removing and replacing existing bathroom fixtures in both the women's and men's public restrooms and replacing all existing flooring. The project will create 212 hours of employment for four people. Contact: John Robbin at 867-668-7049.

Town of Faro – $12,731 to provide an area for community gatherings and events as well as a summer market location for local and visiting entrepreneurs. The project will create 8 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Rose Fulton at 867-994-2728.

Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation – $20,000 to provide arena infrastructure including bleachers, benches, floor sections and a stage to enable Old Crow to host the Biennial Gwitch'in Gathering in July 2014. The project will create 100 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Lorraine Netro at 867-966-3261.

Yukon Association for Community Living – $8,498 to conduct research to gather materials on the history and evolution of disability services in the Yukon and to develop a communications strategy for a future public education and community-building campaign. The project will create 150 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Colette Acheson at 867-667-4606.

Yukon College - $15,691 to renovate safety-related items for the McIntyre Creek Salmon Incubation Facility, such as walkways and stairs and to upgrade wooden structures damaged by waterlogging. The project will create 660 hours of employment for eight people. Contact: Darrell Otto at 867-668-8868.

Yukon Comic Culture Society – $17,000 to host a comic and popular culture convention from August 8 to 10 in Whitehorse with emphasis on local content, interactive and educational activities. Also in focus are the opportunities for local creators to practice their art, connect and collaborate with peers, increase their expertise, and interact with the public. The project will create 40 hours of employment for 10 people. Contact: Jessica Prentice at 867-333-0135.

Community Development Fund

The Community Development Fund offers three funding levels. Tier I funding is available for requests of up to $20,000. Tier II funding is available for applicants requesting $20,001 to $75,000, and Tier III funding is available for requests of over $75,000.

Organizations are encouraged to contact the Community Development advisors well before the deadline to discuss their applications and to develop their project ideas.

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