Government of Yukon

May 26, 2014

New fire truck in Tagish improves response effectiveness in Southern Lakes region

WHITEHORSE—The Tagish volunteer fire department’s new pumper tanker truck will improve the effectiveness of the community’s fire service.

“Tagish firefighters help protect local residents and their properties, and provide vital support to fire departments across the Southern Lake service area,” Minister of Community Services Brad Cathers said at a community event last weekend. “This new truck is part of the Yukon government’s fire services fleet modernization program.”

This pumper tanker can fight fires, transport five fully equipped firefighters and carry large loads of water to fire scenes. Using advanced firefighting technologies, it is equipped to:

  • operate in extreme cold as its onboard heating system keeps the engine warm and prevents water pumping systems from freezing;
  • operate in difficult road conditions with its all-wheel drive capability;
  • allow firefighters to monitor water levels from a distance while fighting fires by means of remote water gauges placed on all sides of the truck;
  • illuminate an entire fire scene with its LED light tower;
  • hose down fires while on the move with its front bumper turret, useful when suppressing grass and brush fires along roadways and in open areas; and
  • better warn motorists and pedestrians of the truck’s approach using its Rumbler™ low-frequency siren in combination with its regular siren.

“These investments in emergency response services through our Protective Services Division contribute to the safety, health and sustainability of Yukon communities,” Cathers said.

The Tagish volunteer fire department serves area residents. It can also assist with emergencies in Carcross, Marsh Lake, Mount Lorne and Golden Horn through mutual aid agreements.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Mac Hislop
Communications, Community Services

News Release #14-137