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April 4, 2014

Cultural, artistic and educational projects get underway with Community Development Fund support

WHITEHORSE—Twenty community projects will be moving forward with more than $270,000 in support from the Community Development Fund (CDF).

“The flexibility of the Community Development Fund means support is available to a wide range of initiatives,” Economic Development Minister Currie Dixon said. “By aligning this funding with community-determined priorities, these projects support the social, cultural and economic quality of life throughout Yukon.”

Among the recipients is Sport Yukon, which will use the funding to prepare rural youth to lead after school programming. Young people in Ross River, Pelly Crossing and Watson Lake will be provided with hands-on training in their communities, in options for games and activities that develop physical literacy and life skills.

“This training will build on how engaged youth have already been in other physical fitness initiatives in the communities,” physical literacy coordinator Jeane Lassen said.  “By nurturing youth leaders, we can give children the confidence and competence to be active, make healthy choices and one day become leaders themselves.”

The Centre for Human-Wildlife Conflict Solutions (otherwise known as WildWise Yukon) promotes a safe living environment by reducing conflict between people and wildlife. With CDF support, the centre will expand its research program for bear-proof locks on garbage and compost bins and educate residents about other ways to manage wildlife attractants. 

“Our ultimate goal is to provide Yukon residents with the education and support they need to coexist with wildlife,” WildWise program coordinator Carmen Smith said. “Taking steps to manage animal attractants will help make our neighbourhoods safer and reduce the frequency of wildlife being relocated or killed in our communities.”

The Community Development Fund offers three funding levels. Tier I funding is available for requests up to $20,000. Tier II funding is available for requests of $20,001 to $75,000, and Tier III funding is available for requests over $75,000. The next intake deadline is May 15 for Tier I and Tier II applications.

Organizations are encouraged to contact the Community Development advisors well before the deadline for assistance with their applications and developing project ideas.

Learn more:

Visit or contact the CDF office at 867-667-8125 or 1-800-661-0408, ext. 8125.


See backgrounder below.


Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Brigitte Parker
Communications, Economic Development


Backgrounder: January 2014 Tier I Community Development Fund Projects

Braeburn Lake Christian Camp Association – $3,627 to replace deteriorating entry decks to four children's cabins. The project will use volunteer labour. Contact: John Maissan at 867-393-5011

Carcross/Tagish First Nation $20,000 to provide 12 Carcross/ Tagish First Nation members and associate members with an opportunity to gain approximately 600 hours toward their first year carpenter apprenticeships by building three Tiny Houses. The project will create a total of 9,000 hours of employment for 12 people. Contact: Nelson Lepine at 867-821-4251

Centre for Human-Wildlife Conflict Solutions – $19,609 to engage individuals, industry and communities in educational and participatory wildlife attractant-management activities with the goal of reducing the number of negative and destructive human-wildlife encounters in the Yukon. The project will create a total of 150 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Carmen Smith at 867-335-6017

Council of Northern Economic Developers – $19,500 to hold an economic development conference in Dawson City in 2014 which will provide an information sharing opportunity to 50-75 participants through networking and presentations. The project will create a total of 156 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Norman Edy at (867) 633-5868

Dawson City Arts Society – $18,816 to further develop the Palace Grand Theatre as an iconic visitor attraction, local capacity builder and driver of extended stay and spin-off business potential. The project will create 560 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Karen DuBois at 867-993-5005

First Nation of Na-cho Nyak Dun – $3,100 for three display cabinets within the Cultural Center to display First Nation arts & crafts for re-sale. The project will create 35 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Joelle Hogan at 867-996-2265

Hidden Histories Society Yukon – $9,094 to produce exhibition displays and take-away promotional materials that will increase awareness and understanding of the history and contributions of Yukon's ethno-cultural communities. The project will create a total of 120 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Lillian Nakamura Maguire at 867-667-4563

Order of Eastern Star Yukon Society – $14,800 to host the Order of Eastern Star BC & Yukon Grand Session convention in Whitehorse from May 26 to 28, 2014. This project will create a total of 180 hours of employment for 18 people. Contact: Tom Mickey at 867-633-6870

Sport Yukon – $9,900 to train youth to lead after-school programming in rural Yukon communities which will focus on fundamental movement skills and healthy choices. The project will create a total of 450 hours of employment for 9 people. Contact: Jeane Lassen at 867-393-8338

Town of Watson Lake – $6,570 to purchase an ice edger for skating rink maintenance. Contact: Meghan Kimmitt at 867-536-8023

Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation – $19,157 to hold an on-the-land camp for school-aged youth during the 2014 Spring Break. The project will create a total of 408 hours of employment for 11 people. Contact: Kenji Welch at 867-966-3261

Watson Lake Daycare Centre Society – $17,375 to upgrade playground equipment at the Watson Lake Daycare. The project will create a total of 112 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Michelle Fraser at 867-536-2167

Yukon Association for Community Living – $3,185 to conduct a full-day strategic planning session with a community facilitator in order to clarify the association’s mission, objectives and priorities. The project will create 16 to 20 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Colette Acheson at 867-667-4606

Yukon Canoe & Kayak Club – $4,094 to kick-start the creation of the flat water division by bringing BC Canoe Kids Program instructors to Yukon for two one-week camps, and to train local coaches to assist with program delivery. Contact: Daniel Girouard at 867-334-8121

Yukon Canoe & Kayak Club – $20,000 to purchase four kayaks and three canoes to develop and sustain a flat water sprint paddling and racing program. Contact: Daniel Girouard at 867-334-8121

Yukon Historical & Museum Association – $20,000 to redevelop and improve the association’s website as a communication tool and source of information for members, the Yukon public, and visitors. The project will create a total of 251 hours of employment for two to five people. Contact: Nancy Oakley at 867-667-4704

Yukon Literacy Coalition – $19,493 to supervise outreach literacy and learning programs, based on heritage activities and community engagement, that will be available to the public through the summer at Shipyards Park. The project will create a total of 1,687 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Colin Wright at 867-668-6535

Yukon Status of Women – $12,550 to hire a part-time coordinator of volunteer services who will recruit, train, supervise and schedule volunteers for the Court Watch program. The project will create 480 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Charlotte Hrenchuk at 867-667-4637

Yukon Wildlife Preserve Operating Society – $18,955 to outfit the new field house with high quality, durable furniture with a design aesthetic that reinforces and reflects the society’s philosophy of education. The furniture will also enable the society to provide experiential learning opportunities of the highest quality to Yukoners. Contact: Greg Meredith at 867-335-0118

United Way Society of the Yukon– $11,600 to develop a website with a user-friendly platform, and to purchase and install an online database that will modernize the tracking of donor and recipient agencies. The project will create a total of 280 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Dave Whiteside at 867-667-2003

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