Government of Yukon

March 27, 2014

Yukon government to amend Public Utilities Act

WHITEHORSE—Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Scott Kent tabled an amendment today to the Public Utilities Act that will enable private citizens, First Nation communities, municipalities and businesses to generate electricity without first becoming a public utility.

“This amendment to the Public Utilities Act will remove a barrier to the development of micro-generation and independent power production. It will, in effect, enable a greater diversity of power generation options,” Kent said.

The amendment to the act simplifies and clarifies the definition of a public utility, clearly exempting small independent power producers.

“This is a small amendment but it has significant benefits for Yukoners,” Kent added. “Demand for energy is growing in the territory. One of Energy, Mines and Resources’ goals has been to develop a robust, affordable, flexible electrical system.”

The Yukon government recently launched its Micro-Generation Production Incentive Program. The program enables individuals to connect their renewable electrical generation systems to the grid.

Development of a complementary independent power production policy is also underway and is expected to be released for public review this year. The policy proposes to allow larger-scale generation of electricity for sale to the utilities.

Most of Yukon’s electricity (approximately 95 per cent) comes from renewable energy sources, primarily hydroelectric power.


Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Jesse Devost
Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources

News Release #14-077