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March 7, 2014

Ibex Valley Fire Department receives another new fire truck

WHITEHORSE—Minister of Community Services Brad Cathers announced today the delivery of a new $336,000 pumper fire truck to the Ibex Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

“This new state-of-the-art pumper fire truck will help Ibex Valley volunteer fire fighters respond to emergencies in their community and in nearby areas,” Minister Cathers said. “Volunteer fire fighters are a key part of our emergency response system, and this new pumper truck is another demonstration of the Yukon government’s commitment to supporting them and investing in our emergency response infrastructure.”

The pumper features advanced fire service technology that will improve public safety and meet the specific needs of the Ibex Valley Fire Department. One of these features, the Rumbler™ siren, emits low-frequency sound waves that penetrate hard surfaces like doors and windows. Paired with the truck’s standard siren, it will alert vehicle operators that the truck is nearby.

The new vehicle also includes automatic chain-deployment for tough winter road conditions. Its integrated scene-lighting system can illuminate an area the size of two football fields and traverse 360 degrees. The pumper can transport up to five fully equipped firefighters and will maximize operational efficiency in Ibex Valley. It replaces an older 1996 truck that was being used by the department.

In addition to providing service to people living in the Ibex Valley area and on the Alaska Highway, through mutual aid agreements with other departments the Ibex Valley Volunteer Fire Department stands ready to assist in areas including the Hot Springs Road, the Mayo Road, and in the City of Whitehorse. This pumper truck modernizes the Ibex Valley fleet, joining a pumper-tanker truck purchased for the department in 2012.

The Yukon Fire Marshal’s Office operates 16 volunteer fire departments in unincorporated communities and provides life safety leadership across Yukon. The office also undertakes investigations, does inspections and works with incorporated community fire departments to provide training and support.


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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Mac Hislop
Communications, Community Services

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