Government of Yukon

January 30, 2014

Minister in Fairbanks to support Yukon Quest

WHITEHORSE—Tourism and Culture Minister Mike Nixon is in Fairbanks, Alaska in support of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race.

“Yukon is proud of the many great relationships developed over the past decades with Alaska’s private and public sectors,” Nixon said. “Support for the Yukon Quest bridges ongoing joint marketing efforts by both regions to increase highway travel and promote Yukon and Alaska as must-see travel destinations year round.”

Nixon will host a reception January 31 in recognition of the Yukon Quest and its significance to Alaska and Yukon as an iconic winter event. There, he will speak to Alaskan legislative members and business leaders about the importance of both regions providing their ongoing support for the race. Nixon will also attend the Yukon Quest start and draw banquet on January 30 and the race start on February 1.

Since 1999, the Yukon government has supported Yukon Quest (Canada) with more than $2.3 million for marketing initiatives. Each year, Tourism Yukon provides $150,000 to Yukon Quest (Canada) for program development, cooperative marketing—including foreign media familiarization tours—race administration and community outreach.

Additional support through the Community Development Fund administered through the Economic Development department provided funding for website development, trail grooming, online interactive tools and promotional DVDs.

Tourism Yukon has incorporated the race into its winter marketing strategies aimed at Canada, United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific markets.

“Yukon government support helps the Yukon Quest to fulfill its mandate to make the race an iconic winter event that puts Yukon and Alaska in the spotlight by journalists and media, visitors, volunteers and tourists who follow the race,” Yukon Quest president Joost van der Putten said. “It’s an event that showcases a unique way of life when communities relied on dog mushing to connect people across remote northern regions.”

The Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Karen Keeley
Communications, Tourism and Culture

News Release #14-026