Government of Yukon

January 20, 2014

Regulation changes will reduce elk seal fees

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon has amended the Wildlife Regulation to reduce fees for elk hunters as well as help implement the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, Minister of Environment Currie Dixon announced today.

“By reducing the elk seal cost to $10 from $50, we are making it easier for hunters to be ready to harvest animals found in the exclusion areas, consistent with the elk management plan,” Dixon said. “This change aligns with the reduction in bison seals we made last year.”

The Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board recommended most of the 13 regulation changes to the Wildlife Regulation following a public review in fall 2012. Highlights are:

  • enabling four Yukon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan recommendations, such as removing the sealing fee for wolves;
  • allowing special guiding for bison hunters; and
  • allowing youth (ages 12 to 13) to hunt under an adult’s Permit Hunt Authorization.

“The annual regulatory review process is an important undertaking by the wildlife management board on behalf of all Yukoners,” Dixon added. “The board’s recommended changes support the Yukon government’s adaptive management approach and our overall vision to protect and sustain wildlife populations.”

All but one of the new rules will take effect April 1, 2014 and will be in the 2014/15 Hunting Regulations Summary and the Permit Hunt Authorization Data Sheet 2014.


See backgrounder below.


Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Nancy Campbell
Communications, Environment


Summary of amendments to the Wildlife Regulation

  1. Reduce elk seal fees – To $10 + GST from $50 + GST.
  2. Enable the minister to vary the bag limits for wolves – Needed to implement the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan. No immediate change to current limit.
  3. Change the reporting date for any wolves killed by licensed hunters – Needed to implement the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan. Will be April 15, same as for wolves killed by trappers, or prior to the transfer of the pelt, whichever comes first.
  4. Remove the sealing fee for wolves – Needed to implement the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan. The fee is currently $10 + GST.
  5. Enable the Minister to vary the wolf seasons – Needed to implement the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan. No immediate change to current dates.
  6. Allow special guiding of bison – Will offer an additional hunting opportunity and help manage herd size, as called for in the Management Plan for the Aishihik Wood Bison Herd in Southwestern Yukon. This will take effect April 1, 2016.
  7. Allow youth to hunt under an adult’s Permit Hunt Authorization – Will give parents or guardians more opportunity for a hunting experience with their children aged 12 to13.
  8. Revoke special guiding of grizzly bears – Special guiding permits for grizzly bears should have been discontinued as an administrative measure in the late 1990s when bear reduction measures were halted.
  9. Remove the Chisana caribou herd from the list of Specially Protected Wildlife – The Management Plan for the Chisana Caribou Herd allows for a hunt when conditions permit. No hunting is proposed at this time.
  10. Remove the Meister Road no-hunting corridor – The corridor in southeast Yukon is no longer necessary for hunting safety because the logging road is abandoned.
  11. Remove the Game Management Subzone map fee – The Game Management Subzone map is on the department’s website and has been in the free annual Yukon Hunting Regulations Summary since 1981.
  12. Clarify Chronic Wasting Disease provisions – Make it illegal to import and sell hunting lures with ingredients that originate from cervids, whether dead or alive. Original Wildlife Regulation provisions mentioned dead cervids only.
  13. Correct a date – Change the season end date to January 31 from October 31 for trappers hunting for moose on their trap line. This error arose during the consolidation and update of the Wildlife Regulation in 2012.

News Release #14-010