Government of Yukon

November 5, 2013

Government legislation to improve child support payments process

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon has introduced new legislation that will institute a recalculation service to child support payments when the income of a parent changes. This service will save parents the time and cost of a court process and means that in many cases parents will not have to apply to court in order to update child support payments.

The new service will use the same Child Support Guidelines used in the original child support order supported by mandatory reporting of income.

More complicated orders will still be required to apply to court when changes to income occur. As well, this new service will only apply to people residing in Yukon, with a Yukon Court Order and who are paying child support. After an expected agreement is reached with the federal government, child support orders under the federal Divorce Act will also be included.

Last summer, the Yukon government asked for feedback on the recalculation service. The input provided was used to finalize the way the service will operate, including the eligibility of shared custody orders to the new service.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Dan Cable
Communications, Justice

News Release #13-277