Government of Yukon

November 5, 2013

Minister of Justice tables Court and Regulatory Statutes Amendment Act

WHITEHORSE—The Minister of Justice is making improvements to several acts governing the administration of justice in order to align older legislation with current practice, modernize some practices, and improve efficiencies.

“As Minister of Justice and Attorney General it is my responsibility to ensure legislation is kept current and operates efficiently for Yukoners,” Minister of Justice Mike Nixon said. “This is a requirement of the Department of Justice Act and I take this responsibility very seriously.”

The legislation will:

  • Ensure jury pools are broad enough.
  • Correctly identify jurors who qualify for jury duty.
  • Increase the maximum fine for not responding to a jury summons.
  • Require the legislature to designate a Deputy Chief Adjudicator of the Human Rights Panel of Adjudicators in the event that the Chief Judicator cannot act in this capacity.
  • Update the Territorial Court Act to increase the retirement age of judges from 65 to 70.


See backgrounder below.


Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Dan Cable
Communications, Justice


Court and Regulatory Statutes Amendment Act

Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings Transfer Act:

  • Updates references to other statutes before the act is proclaimed.

Human Rights Act:

  • Requires the Legislature to designate a Deputy Chief Adjudicator to ensure there is no gap if the Chief Adjudicator is unable to act.

Inter-jurisdictional Subpoena Act:

  • Allows travel expense rates for extra-territorial witnesses to be set by regulation.

Judicature Act:

  • Gives effect to the government’s commitment to the Agreement on Internal Trade revisions allowing person-to-government disputes by allowing cost orders against persons to be enforced.

Jury Act:

  • Broadens the pool of eligible jurors and correctly identifies those who do not qualify, allows the court to determine how prospective jurors should be summoned, and increases the maximum fine for those who fail to attend jury selection.

Notaries Act:

  • Makes it easier to identify notaries before whom documents have been sworn.

Regulations Act and Interpretation Act:

  • Clarifies members of the Legislature may be given electronic notice of filing of regulations and electronic copies of the regulations.
  • Allows minor typographical amendments to be made to multiple existing regulations through a miscellaneous amendments regulation.

Territorial Court Act:

  • Increases the retirement age of judges from 65 to 70 and allows for the appointment of staff Justices of the Peace who can perform strictly defined functions.

Court of Appeals Act, Small Claims Court Act, Supreme Court Act and Territorial Court Act:

  • Codifies each court’s existing capacity to impose restrictions on vexatious litigants who abuse court time and resources, and clarifies procedures for appealing these restrictions.


News Release #13-273