Government of Yukon

November 4, 2013

School seismic mitigation program announced

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government is conducting a multi-phased School Seismic Mitigation Program to address and reduce potential risks associated with earthquakes in Yukon school facilities.

The first two phases are complete. They involved seismic screening and evaluation of all Yukon schools. Eight schools have been identified as requiring structural and non-structural mitigation. The next two phases involve non-structural mitigations and long-term planning.

Currently entering the third phase, the program involves public education, including additional work with students and staff in the schools.

“The Yukon government is taking immediate measures to attend to non-structural items,” Minister of Highways and Public Works Wade Istchenko said. “Over the coming months, while work continues on identifying and fixing hazards such as windows, lockers, lights, pipes and shelving, we will complete the longer-term strategy to determine how best to address structural issues with these facilities.”

Meetings with staff and school councils at each of the eight schools are underway.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Alicia Debreceni
Communications, Highways & Public Works

Mark Hill
Communications, Education

News Release #13-271