Government of Yukon

November 1, 2013

Archival exhibition highlights 3D photography in Yukon

WHITEHORSE—An exhibition titled YT in 3D that highlights 3D historical photographs from Yukon Archives using contemporary digital technology opens today at the Hougen Heritage Gallery in Arts Underground.

“The popularity of 3D photographs in Yukon in the early 20th century shows how the territory’s history reflects worldwide trends at that time,” Minister of Tourism and Culture Mike Nixon said. “Thanks to modern digital technology, Yukon Archives has improved access to these unique photos that can now be viewed using ordinary 3D glasses.”

The Yukon Archives has several hundred stereo photographs that were traditionally viewed with stereoscopes to achieve the three-dimensional effect. For the exhibition, the stereo photos were digitally converted into a single image called an anaglyph, which can be viewed using 3D glasses.

YT in 3D is a collaboration between Yukon Archives and the Friends of the Yukon Archives Society (FOYAS).

“The Yukon Archives has a wide variety of historical images created from several photographic processes,” FOYAS president Diane Chisholm said. “YT in 3D is an opportunity to highlight stereo photos and their significance to the history of photography in Yukon.”

The exhibition opens at 5:00 p.m. together with two visual arts shows featuring work by Shiela Alexandrovich, Lyn Fabio and Rob Ingram. YT in 3D will be in the Hougen Heritage Gallery until January 25, 2014.

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Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Heather LeDuc
Communications, Tourism and Culture

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