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September 26, 2013

New experiential education model premieres for rural students

WHITEHORSE—This week 86 students from seven rural communities are in Dawson City for a week of experiential learning as part of the new Northern Rural Experiential Model (REM).

“This new model is a unique approach to expanding options and opportunities for rural students,” Minister of Education Elaine Taylor said. “Students are engaged in cutting edge experiential learning during the day and have the opportunity to participate in additional activities in the evenings.”

Taylor is in Dawson City today taking part in the experiential learning week. She is observing the sessions in progress and meeting with participating students.

Each student chose one of eight different sessions to attend for the experiential learning week.

Out-of-town students are staying at Robert Service School, while local students are following their normal home routines. Students participating in the Foods Education and Service Training session are providing daily lunches to the entire group.

“By bringing rural students together and presenting them with these opportunities, they are getting exposure to specialized learning they wouldn’t otherwise receive,” Taylor said. “This experiential model will allow students to follow their interests as well as help expand the size of their high school peer group.”

The next northern REM session will be geared towards students in Grades 7 to 9 and will occur in Carmacks next May.

For more information about each session, see the backgrounder below.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Chris Madden
Communications, Education


Backgrounder—Northern REM session options for September 23 to 27

Session title

Session description

1. On the Land

This session focuses on increasing student knowledge and understanding of our natural environment through field studies. Students will be challenged in team-building activities, hiking, GPS eco-caching and much more. Field study activities include forestry, water quality, soil science and wildlife studies.

2. Wood Shop

Students will be making their own long-boards.  All materials will be provided and students keep their finished projects. When projects are completed, students will have a chance to test them.

3. Guitar and Song Writing

Students will learn basic guitar and/or harmonica, as well as song writing and how to run an audio system. Students in this session will perform a song and run audio technical support for the REM finale.

  (Foods Education
  and Service Training)

Students will receive their Food Safe certification and gain hands-on experience preparing great meals for REM participants throughout the week.

5. Hair and Esthetics

Students will gain hands-on experience learning to style hair, paint nails and various other esthetic skills.

6. First Nations Fine Art

Students will have the opportunity to work with an established Yukon artist designing First Nations art and learning basic carving techniques.

7. Digital Art and Film

Students interested in film production will learn how to plan, shoot and edit video and create programming for television.

8. Textiles

Students will gain hands-on experience using various sewing and patterning techniques while creating their own clothing.

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