Government of Yukon

September 16, 2013

Expanded fee structure and new benefits for caregivers

WHITEHORSE—Yukoners who provide care in their homes for adults with intellectual or cognitive disabilities will benefit from a new assessment tool and expanded fee structure more accurately reflecting the levels of care they provide.

“We recognize the very important role these caregivers play in the lives of some of our most vulnerable citizens and they should be fairly compensated for the support they provide,” Health and Social Services Minister Doug Graham said. “I am pleased to say that Yukon is leading the country in this area.”

The Yukon government will introduce the new eight-level rate schedule beginning January 1, 2014. Between now and then, government staff will meet with each of the 22 affected caregivers to complete a new assessment of the individuals in their care and determine the fee for the services caregivers provide. Daily rates will vary from $38.41 for level one to $229.69 for level eight.

While the new system means a few caregivers will receive less money, fees will be assessed more equitably by client need only. All caregivers will also now receive vacation pay and financial resources for respite care.

The assessment tool has been piloted over the past several months and has been determined as suitable for Yukon’s needs.

“We looked right across the country, spoke with our colleagues in many other jurisdictions and we think we have come up with a best practice for our clients and our caregivers. We look forward to sharing our work with others,” Graham said.

Graham added that the introduction of the new rate structure and assessment tool is one of the first steps in looking at the whole area of disability services in Yukon.

Anyone interested in becoming an adult caregiver may contact Cindy Densmore at 667-5772 for more information, or visit



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Pat Living
Communications, Health and Social Services

News Release #13-227