Government of Yukon

August 28, 2013

Government of Yukon on track to exceed renewable energy targets

WHITEHORSE—A progress report on the implementation of the 2009 Energy Strategy for Yukon has determined that the Government of Yukon is on track to surpass its target of increasing Yukon’s renewable energy supply by 20 per cent by 2020.

“The Government of Yukon is making excellent progress on achieving its energy efficiency targets and continues to take steps to reduce energy consumption, costs and emissions within Yukon,” Energy, Mines and Resources Minister Scott Kent said. “Increased energy efficiency is the best response to high energy prices and environmental concerns and will assist us in meeting our future energy needs.”

Released in 2009, the energy strategy reflects the government’s vision to improve energy efficiency and conservation, produce more renewable energy, meet electricity needs, responsibly develop oil and gas, and make good energy choices. The 2012 Progress Report provides an update on these priorities which are being researched, explored and developed by the Government of Yukon and its partners within the Government of Canada and the private sector.

Highlighting that the vast majority of electricity generation in the territory comes from renewable sources, the report states that in 2012, 95 per cent of electricity demand was met by renewable energy and nearly 20 per cent of heating demand was met by renewable wood-based heating. Per capita, this is greater than any other jurisdiction in Canada.

Additionally, the Aishihik third turbine and Mayo B projects have increased Yukon Energy Corporation’s renewable generation capacity by 22 per cent, already exceeding the territory’s target of increasing renewable energy by 20 per cent by 2020.

“We will continue to work to realize our priority actions,” Kent added. “As we move forward, the Energy Strategy for Yukon will provide direction for developing, managing and using energy in Yukon for the next decade to come.”

Download the Energy Strategy for Yukon 2012 Progress Report.



Elaine Schiman
Cabinet Communications

Jesse Devost
Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources

News Release #13-217