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July 23, 2013

Crime prevention and victim services projects receive funding to create safe, compassionate communities

WHITEHORSE—The Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund is awarding more than $237,000 to support 11 projects aimed at crime prevention and victim services in three Yukon communities.

“Preventing crime and ensuring there is adequate support for victims in all Yukon communities is a priority for the Yukon government,” Justice Minister Mike Nixon said. “Each year I am impressed by excellent projects that apply for funding. This year’s projects will have a positive impact on reducing violence against women, empowering youth, preventing crime and building stronger, more compassionate communities in Yukon.”

The funded projects range from literacy and dance camps for youth, to a support group for men with mental health issues, to a court watch program aimed at improving victims’ experience with the criminal justice system.

“With the Cypher Citizens Community Building Internship Program we are hoping to create an exponential positive impact on the Yukon by teaching youth how good it feels to give back to the community,” Breakdancing Yukon Society founder Andrea Simpson-Fowler said. “With funding from the trust fund we are able to help youth develop the skills and tools they need to give back in a meaningful way and have a positive effect on their peer groups.”

The Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund awards funding twice a year to projects that reduce crime, prevent violence against women and children, address the root causes of crime, provide information about crime prevention and victimization, and provide services to victims.

“We hope to provide local businesses with a reason to regain the trust of our youth and help youth to realize how crimes against businesses affect our community as a whole,” Youth of Today Society program coordinator Clancy McInnis said. “Youth sometimes think that business owners have deep pockets, so what’s the harm in taking a little. Business owners can sometimes be hostile towards youth because of a few bad apples. We want to bridge that gap.”

The trust fund comes from a variety of sources, including the proceeds from the Klondike Visitors Association slot machine agreement, victim fine surcharges and donations. The public is invited to donate money to the fund for the support of community projects. The next application deadline for funding is August 15.

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Matthew Grant
Cabinet Communications
Shari-Lynn MacLellan
Communications, Justice

Spring 2013 Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund Awards

Autism Yukon - $7,558 for the Ashrams for Autism Project
This project will provide training in autism-specific yoga techniques to local yoga instructors, therapists and parents. The Ashrams for Autism approach has been found to help individuals with autism deal with feelings of anxiety, self-regulate emotions and control impulses.
Contact: Leslie Peters at 867-667-6406.

Breakdancing Yukon Society - $27,662 for the Cypher Citizens Community Building Internship Program
This internship opportunity for 9 youth will use art, dance, video and writing to train youth on the value of giving back to the community, give them skills to do so with success and increase their awareness of the positive effect they have on their peers.
Contact: Andrea Simpson-Fowler by email at

Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon - $3,000 for the Dawson City Literacy Camp
This two week summer literacy tutoring and wilderness skills day camp will raise the literacy skills of at-risk children, spark an interest in reading and show children they can have success.
Contact: Stephanie Hammond at 867-668-5167.

Ross River Dena Council - $13,200 for the Fostering Positive Community Relationship Project
The Ross River Dena Council (RRDC) will host three five-day workshops for RRDC staff and elders aimed at enhancing positive communication and creating a respectful workplace. The workshops will address different personality types, bullying, lateral violence and conflict management.
Contact: Jamie Lee Silas at 867-969-2277.

Second Opinion Society - $35,000 for the Seeking Safety Program
This funding will help establish a self-help group for men dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and addictions. The group aims to empower participants to work through personal issues related to mental health. Topics will include dealing with anger, establishing healthy boundaries, grounding techniques and developing personal safety.
Contact: Diane Cimetta at 867-667-2037.

Sport Yukon - $18,788 for the Kids’ Recreation Fund Outreach Project
This funding will help Sport Yukon travel to Yukon communities to promote the fund and build relationships with community organizations. The goal of this project is to increase the number of people in communities who apply for funding.
Contact: Tracey Bilsky at 867-393-8330.

Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre - $16,558 for the Girl’s Club project
The Girls Club is an opportunity for girls aged 11-19 to meet weekly and discuss issues such as violence against women, bullying, heterosexism, hyper-sexuality in the media and healthy relationships. The Club helps young women develop the confidence, critical thinking and facilitation skills to provide peer support and speak out against the norms in our society that perpetuate violence against women.
Contact: Hilary Aitkin at 867 667 2693.

Village of Teslin - $7,500 for the Youth Summer Dance Camp
The Youth Summer Dance Camp will give youth an opportunity to express themselves through dance. The camp will provide a safe place for youth to gather and participate in a positive physical activity with their peers.
Contact: Shelley Hassard at 867-390-2530.

Youth of Today Society - $20,000 for the Youth Friendly Initiative
This project will employ two youth to develop a survey on youth offenses towards businesses and deliver an awareness campaign reflecting the findings of the survey. The project will also develop a youth crime prevention booklet, identify youth-friendly businesses and build relationships between businesses and youth.
Contact: Lancelot Burton at 867-633-9687.

Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council - $14,108 for the Brothers in Spirit Project
This project will use documentary film and interviews to gather the stories and experiences of Aboriginal men who are non-violent and respectful of others. The project will promote dialogue and discussion around building positive relationships and provide positive role models for other men throughout Yukon.
Contact: Chantal Genier at 867-667-6162.

Yukon Status of Women’s Council - $73,737 for the Court Watch Program
This project will monitor and make recommendations on domestic and sexualized assault cases with the goal of giving victims a more effective voice in the criminal justice system.
Contact: Charlotte Hrenchuk at 867-667-4637.

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