Government of Yukon

July 12, 2013

Yukon government invests in core infrastructure and safety needs for Yukoners

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government is allocating $8.95 million to meet a number of emerging needs, including investments in infrastructure and safety enhancement. This allocation comes in advance of the fall supplementary 2013/2014 budget, to allow for the immediate funding of a number of key initiatives.

A special warrant has been issued to provide an additional budgetary authorization of $8.95 million for this fiscal year, for spending on flood mitigation, fire suppression and improvements to roads and highways.

“Given our strong financial position and the needs of the territory, the Yukon government is providing additional funding that focuses on safety and core infrastructure,” Premier and Finance Minister Darrell Pasloski said. “Our prudent fiscal management allows us to respond to needs in several key areas, and it has the additional benefit of providing increased economic development.”

The largest allocation is an additional $5 million for fire suppression across the territory, to respond to increased needs during what is developing into a very active season for forest fires.

The funding will also support a number of other important initiatives, including:

  • Reconstruction work on several highways;
  • Repairs and upgrades to a number of roads;
  • Flood mitigation in Carcross and stabilization work on riverbanks in Old Crow and Upper Liard;
  • An additional increase to the Yukon Mining Incentive Program (YMIP), to support more activity in this key economic sector, bringing the investment in this program to $1.17 million for 2013/2014.

Planning has also begun for additional capital investments in the 2013/2014 supplementary budget, to be tabled in the fall sitting of the legislature.


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Matthew Grant
Cabinet Communications


Special warrant 2013/2014 fiscal year, July 12, 2013 – $8,950,000

O&M $5,400,000

Community Services – Fire Suppression $5,000,000
Energy Mines and Resources – Yukon Mining Incentive Program (YMIP) $400,000

CAPITAL $3,550,000

Community Services $650,000 – Flood Mitigation

    • Liard River stabilization in Upper Liard $25,000
    • Porcupine River stabilization in Old Crow $275,000
    • Carcross mitigation $250,000
    • Territory-wide $100,000

Highways and Public Works $2,900,000

  • Rural Roads and Resource Access Roads $700,000:
    • Pennycock Road brushing/clearing/spot repairs $100,000
    • Remillard Access upgrade $175,000
    • Gilday Road upgrade $60,000           
    • Pine Lake Subdivision Road upgrade $25,000         
    • Camp Yukon Road upgrade $60,000
    • Sawmill Road upgrade $50,000
    • Snag Road spot repairs, drainage, brushing $120,000
    • Aishihik Road grade raise $40,000
    • Gentian Lane bus turnaround $70,000
  • Highway Construction/Reconstruction $2,200,000:
    • Campbell Highway experimental wick drain/geocell & resurfacing $200,000
    • Alaska Highway KM 1446.5 dip repairs $300,000
    • Klondike Highway rip rap and erosion protection and KM 249 slide repairs $500,000
    • South Klondike Highway rock scaling $500,000
    • Dempster Highway Engineer Creek channelization $400,000
    • Top of the World Highway KM 100 spot repairs $100,000
    • Rest stop upgrades (concrete outhouse installs) $200,000

News Release #13-176