Government of Yukon

July 11, 2013

Rescue and rehabilitation part of environmental stewardship

WHITEHORSE – This week’s timely rescue of two eaglets is a reminder of the role we can each play in maintaining the health and diversity of Yukon’s wilderness, Environment Minister Currie Dixon said today.

“The interest of area residents in the eagles before and after the nest blew down, the quick reaction by Conservation Officers when called, and the availability of professional rehabilitation services nearby are all part of caring for our environment,” Dixon said. “Stewardship is critical for protecting our environment and in turn benefits all Yukoners.”

High winds Monday night brought down a Fish Lake Road nest with three eaglets. One eaglet was killed and two survived, one with a broken leg. The eaglets are a few weeks short of being able to fly on their own and need a safe place to stay until that time. They have been transferred to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

Conservation Officers regularly bring injured or orphaned birds to the preserve for rehabilitation and release. This is a critical time of year for fledglings who are making their first attempts to leave the nest.

“I am very proud of the collaborative and positive relationships between the department and the Yukon Wildlife Preserve,” Dixon added. “As a department, we guide others to act responsibly and respectfully in their environment. The actions surrounding Monday’s incident demonstrates exceptional stewardship by a range of people and organizations.”

The Yukon government recently signed a three-year agreement to provide over $600,000 in annual funding to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, the territory’s prime wildlife viewing attraction. The preserve features a rehabilitation facility that supports education, research and recovery.

“From research into tiny bats to the huge challenge of responding to climate change, and from enhanced efforts to reduce wildlife-human conflicts to regulating and enforcing safe standards for air, water and soil, the Government of Yukon is doing its best to support a healthy, sustainable and prosperous Yukon now and into the future,” Dixon added.



Matthew Grant
Cabinet Communications
Melissa Madden
Communications, Environment

News Release #13-174